Womens Med Center asked to abide by Ohio Department of Health orders.

"If you or your facility do not
immediately stop performing non
-essential or elective surgical abortions in compliance with
the attached order, the Department of Health will take all appropriate measures."
excerpt from Attorney General Dave Yost in his letter to
Womens Med Center.

Additionally, Dayton Right to Life reached out to the Womens Med Center's Medical Director, Martin Haskell late last week, asking him to close the facility. As of today, we have not heard from Womens Med Center as to whether they will comply. On Friday, March 20, the facility was opened as usual accepting patients from across Ohio and Indiana.

We want to thank all of our supporters who called the facility and who filed complaints with the Ohio Department of Health. Some of you have reported to us that staff members at Womens Med Center were quite rude and defiant. We appreciate you enduring such behavior.

"We also want to thank our Right to Life Action Coalition (RTLACO) partners for their support in drawing statewide attention to this situation. By engaging our grass-roots support, we were able to get the State's attention and ultimate action. We are blessed to have such supportive and effective statewide leadership as the Coalition." states Margie Christie, Executive Director of Dayton Right to Life.

See RTLACO's press release here

Dayton is not the only community at risk by the actions of these reckless facilities. Across the state, abortions facilities are endangering the lives of Ohioans. Their closures must be enforced.

Lastly and importantly, we want to thank Governor DeWIne and members of his staff for listening to our community's concerns. "Governor DeWine's bold and prudent measures regarding Womens Med Center will no doubt help stop the spread of COVID virus in our community. It is incredibly disheartening that this facility is only interested in their own patients and own agenda." adds Margie Christie.

Please continue to pray for our community and that this facility will voluntarily comply with this order for the welfare of all Ohioans.