June 27, 2019
Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
All-Church Conference Sunday
This Sunday, join us in the chapel at 12:15 pm for our All-Church Conference. This is our annual meeting that includes reports from the clergy and ministry teams, voting on new leaders for the 2019-2020 fiscal year and the unveiling of the budget.
Message from the Chair
Dear Friend in Faith,

No doubt you’ve heard the phrase “too many balls in the air”, an expression used to refer to the busyness in one’s life, when there are too many things competing for attention at the same time, often resulting in few, if any, being completed successfully.

That’s not the same as multi-tasking, which is simply trying to perform more than one activity at the same time, such as brushing your teeth and shaving while talking on the phone.

I’ve experienced busyness many times in my life and I’m betting you have too. I don’t have to think too far back to come up with an example, but that’s how I roll; I prefer the challenge of having things to do over the alternative. Why? ....

Church Campus Closed for Independence Day
Paradise Valley United Methodist Church will be closed on Thursday, July 4 . We wish you all a Happy Independence Day to celebrate the freedom we enjoy. Please join us during the holiday weekend, on Sunday, July 7 , for a Family Sunday.

Let freedom ring!
Sunday Worship at PVUMC
Paradise Valley United Methodist Church (PVUMC) invites you to worship at 9:30 or 11 am. During June, July and August, we will have TWO worship services at 9:30 and 11 am.

Check our Calendar Online
See the website calendar at pvumc.org/calendar for all our children's, youth and adult activities, during the week and all year long. The Looking Ahead bulletin insert also includes a weekly calendar.

Prayer Requests
 Submit prayer requests using our online request form, email prayer@pvumc.org or call the church office at 602.840.8360. Your request will be shared with our prayer warriors on email.
State of the Church Address Sunday followed by All-Church Conference
On Sunday, June 30, Dave Henderson will give a State of the Church address in worship. Come hear how we're doing and plans for where we'd like to go with God's guidance. Then, join other members for an All-Church Conference at 12:15 pm in the chapel. The annual meeting includes a Church Council meeting, where members will vote on the proposed budget, followed by the annual church meeting. The agenda includes voting on nominated leaders for the 2019-2020 fiscal year, the annual membership report, and reports from clergy and ministry teams. Read more about this and the recent Desert Southwest Annual Conference.
Vacation Bible Camp Registration Deadline June 30!
Register for "To Mars and Beyond," PVUMC's Vacation Bible Camp this summer by June 30 and avoid the late fees! It's just $35/camper if you register now instead of waiting until July. Read more and register at pvumc.org/vbc-2019. We are excited to offer a half-day week-long VBC program, July 15-19, as well as an afternoon sports camp. Register for Sportball separately. Fee: $115/camper. 

Binge Reading the Bible
For seven weeks this summer, you're invited to join us for Binge Reading the Bible, a new worship series that immerses you in scripture. Just like we binge-watch our favorite shows on Netflix, we can binge-read our way through the Bible. We'll look at the stories that are integral to our faith and explore the different genres and themes. Get ready to binge July 7!
Summer Sundays at PVUMC
Summer is here! Our summer worship schedule during June, July and August reduces our regular 3 services to TWO, at 9:30 and 11 am. The 8 am service will return September 1. Read more on our website.

We have some wonderful volunteers who have stepped up to lead, but could use more assistance. If you can help, email Rev. Brenda Smith. Safe Sanctuary and other training provided.

Volunteer for VBC
Adults and teens are invited to volunteer for "To Mars and Beyond," PVUMC's Vacation Bible Camp this summer. Read more and register to volunteer at pvumc.org/vbc-2019 . There are separate registrations for teens and adults.

VBC is July 15-19, 2019 , just before the youth mission trip to Costa Rica, where participants will lead their own VBC.

Adults, if you have children enrolled, you not only save on fees for your child's registration, but you're more involved in what your child is learning.

Both adults and teens 7th grade and older are encouraged to register online TODAY to help.

Thank you for being God's love in action!

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Paradise Perk Closed in July - Youth Mission Trip to Costa Rica
The Senior High Youth Mission Team goes to Costa Rica, July 20-27. Please come by the Paradise Perk the remaining Sundays in June to help support youth missions and thank the Curkendoll family for their faithful service each Sunday before they close for July. All coffee shop purchases youth missions.