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Board of Trade members are invited to check out an upcoming P2P network meeting. The Innovation Network brings together leaders in the Advanced Manufacturing sector to talk about key issues to drive business.
January 12th
Featuring Mayor Patrick Brown and 2021 Brampton Board of Trade Chair Michelle McCollum

Join us virtually as Brampton’s business community meets to hear from two important community leaders, the City’s Mayor and the Chair of the Brampton Board of Trade.

Mayor Brown and Michelle McCollum will share perspectives on Brampton’s future from both a public sector and private sector point of view. Learn about current issues – jobs, talent attraction, investment, transit - new developments and plans for a bright future.

Peel Region Police Service Award will also be awarded. Don’t miss this opportunity to show appreciation to Peel Region’s Finest. 

Sheridan's Open Innovation Challenge

In November, Sheridan launched the Reimagine Learning and Education in our Communities Challenge - an opportunity for participants across Canada to lend their experiences, ideas and solutions to address the question: How might we collaborate within our communities to reimagine learning and education so that no one is left behind and all youth and adults can realize their full potential? The challenge involves a three-stage process, starting with the Inspiration Stage that runs until Jan. 29, 2021, during which we'll gain a better understanding of people’s diverse experiences with learning and education including any challenges and opportunities. Participants can develop new skills, build networks and contribute to social impact, as well as compete for $60,000 in cash prizes.

If you need support going digital, Digital Main St. is a program that can help your business make the transformation.

ShopHERE creates online stores for independent small businesses and artists at no cost.
  • creates and configures your online store
  • trains you on how to manage it
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Do you know an amazing company in our community to recognize at our 2021
Business Excellence Awards on May 6th?

Purchase a member spotlight to share pride in your business with Brampton Board of Trade members.

Read about what fellow Members are doing in our community & around the world. 

Alectra is pleased to share that the measures contained within the government’s recently released Comprehensive Electricity Plan, will reduce the average cost of electricity for Class A customers by 14 per cent and for Class B customers by 16 per cent, through a reduction of the Global Adjustment portion of the bill. These measures will come into effect in January 2021.

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The Brampton Board of Trade is pleased to offer the services of TradeCert Canada – a simple, secure and timesaving solution to attain the certificates of origin you need to get your goods to global customers.

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