I hope your summer and fall have treated you well. Lots has been happening with the USA-NPN, mostly good, and definitely not boring!

A major change we have been absorbing is the transition of our long running and much loved team member, Alyssa Rosemartin, to another position. Alyssa has been part of the USA-NPN team since very close to the beginning of the organization's existence and played a huge role in shaping our big picture vision and goals, the IT infrastructure, our internal team functioning, relationship building with many partners, data analysis, and so much more. She now shares her time and talents with a local community-building organization in Salem, MA. We miss her and wish her the best!

Most of the country is now experiencing the wonderful season of autumn. It's exciting that the news media is recognizing the USA-NPN can be a resource for information about this season as well. This past week we were thrilled to summarize the many records of fruit ripening that Nature's Notebook participants have contributed for NPR to corroborate nationwide observations of mast events in oaks and other nut-bearing trees. Check out the piece on Weekend Edition Saturday! Thank you for filling out those intensity and abundance questions when you observe!

And speaking of media, what is your social media platform of choice these days? I have pretty much given up on Twitter X; I'm now trying out Bluesky (mostly), LinkedIn (a bit) and Instagram (even less). Let me know where I can find you!

Have a great autumn!

What's new at the USA National Phenology Network

USA-NPN data included in State of the Climate in 2022 report

The State of the Climate is a special supplement produced by the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society each year. For the first time this year, data collected through Nature's Notebook were included in the section summarizing the start and end of seasonal activity of plants.

Read the report »

USA-NPN receiving honor from AGU

This December, the USA-NPN team will receive the American Geophysical Union's Science and Society Team Award. This award recognizes a team who employs collaborative models of scientific research, demonstrates equitable distribution of the outputs and impacts of their research, and elevates efforts to produce and translate scientific knowledge to serve society. We are truly honored to be acknowledged in this way!

I will be attending the AGU meeting and presenting a poster on Monday morning in session B11M: Understanding Phenological Responses, Changes, and Feedbacks: Patterns, Mechanisms, and Consequences I. Come on by, I'd love to connect with you!

Explore AGU Honors »

Exploring new paths to sustainability

We are so excited to be a part of a pilot effort, supported by the National Science Foundation, to identify opportunities and paths to program sustainability. Members of the USA-NPN team recently attended a kick-off meeting with NobleReach Emerge and NewEdge for a year-long, intensive collaboration. Looking forward to sharing updates on this soon!

Learn more about the NSF/NobleReach Emerge partnership »

Opportunities Assessment prepared for USFS

As part of a multi-year partnership with the US Forest Service, USA-NPN team members and collaborators from the Appalachian Mountain Club partnered to better understand unit-level opportunities for the application of phenological information in forest management and planning in Region 9. This report summarizes four areas of opportunity identified and sets the stage for ways to incorporate phenology in forest management.

Read the Opportunities Assessment »

Phenobase workshop at ESA

At the recent Ecological Society of America meeting, representatives of the USA-NPN, iNaturalist and Budburst teams led a workshop highlighting use cases for each of our three citizen science programs. The effort also articulated how the NSF-funded Phenobase project will eventually allow researchers to download and analyze data collected from these and other phenology-based platforms. 

Learn more about the Phenobase project »

New USA-NPN website will launch soon!

It's been years in the making... and it's almost here! We can't wait to unveil our wholly redesigned website. It will go live very soon!

Check back to see the USA-NPN website soon! »


Seeking Phenophase Primer reviewers

We are in the process of finalizing our long-awaited Phenophase Primer. This is a companion guide to the Botany Primer for Nature's Notebook observers. The Phenophase Primer provides further detail to understand the life cycle stages that make up the Nature's Notebook protocols. We are seeking reviewers to provide content and editorial feedback on the Phenophase Primer for Flowering Plants. Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Contact Erin to volunteer to be a reviewer »

Spring Local Phenology Course

We will once again offer our 10-week, hands-on, virtual Local Phenology Leader Certification course next spring. The course will walk you through how to create a long-term program plan, explain how to use the Nature's Notebook LPP tools and resources, and provide tips on volunteer recruitment, annual report writing, and more! Plus you'll be in a cohort with 20 other leaders with plenty of opportunities to share ideas and resources.

Learn more about the course »

Upcoming meetings

International Congress of Biometeorology, May 14-17, 2023. Phoenix, AZ.

C*Sci Citizen Science Association conference, May 22-26, 2023. Phoenix, AZ.

Ecological Society of America 108th Annual Meeting, Aug 6-11, Portland, OR.

American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, Dec 11-15, San Francisco, CA

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