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State of the Nation
NOTEWhen writing about God and Jesus, The Daily Jot means YHVH as God and Yeshua Ha Mashiach as Jesus--the actual original names and the true nature and character of them.
Monday, May 6, 2019
Saturday, I was honored to speak to nearly 200 folks at the 25thAnniversary celebration of Capitol Hill Prayer Partners about the state of the nation. Here is the text of my remarks: The state of the nation is a tale of darkness and of light. Never before in history, certainly during my lifetime, have things been so visceral. The forces of darkness label anyone who disagrees with them as haters, bigots, racists, homophobes, Islamophobes, misogynists or any other "phobe" or "ist." All the while this same small army daily demonstrates their own hate, ideological bigotry, and intolerance. They are a minority, but their voices are amplified across their mainstream media propaganda machine.
They mock God, demean traditional values, debase morals, and judge Christians as uneducated, gun-toting, Bible-banging bigots. While claiming to be the victims, they victimize all who disagree. Their allies in the deep state worked and are working with them to overturn and do away with the foundational principles upon which this nation was so blessed. These same forces of darkness seek to foment a neo-communist revolution to overthrow this nation and your way of life. And many good people sit back and watch; they go to their churches and think they are doing good; and they are not concerned about this new brand of communism because God is greater and God is in control. 
Be not deceived. Yes, God is in control, but he chooses to work through his people to make up a wall, and stand in the gap to overcome evil-That is why we pray; that is why we act, otherwise the darkness grows darker, and the light, dimmer. Why is this communism a threat? Have you ever read the Communist Manifesto? The Communist Manifesto says, in part, "But communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion, and all morality, instead of constituting them on a new basis; it therefore acts in contradiction to all past historical experience." This is a direct attack on Christianity. It is a direct attack on our Nation. It is a direct attack on the inalienable rights endowed each of us by our Creator. 
This is a very active and real coup attempt by Democrats, some Republicans, the deep state within the FBI, CIA and State Department, and most of the news media. This is the state of the nation that is the tale of darkness. It should shake us to the very core. You see, the state of our nation is a tale of darkness and a tale of light. We have seen the darkness. But what did Christ say about darkness? He said you are the light of the world and that a candle gives light to all who are in the house. Many I talk to are angry about this situation. They feel helpless to address it.  But address it we must. We are charged to overcome evil with good. We are exhorted to love God with all of our heart, and love our neighbor as ourselves. 
The conversation to change must start somewhere. We have Christ. We have the answer. We must engage. Romans 13:12 says, "The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor of light." We are the light. We are the part of the state of our nation that is yet to be written.  This is my prayer: Father God, let it be written, for those who read about the past, that it was us, those of us here today, who defeated the darkness. Let us speak boldly as we ought to speak. Let us obey God rather than men. Let us pray. Let us act. Let us, having taken on the whole armor of God, and having done all, Let us stand.  Let our testimony and good service unto God become the state of the nation. Amen.
Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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An Appeal for the Children Suffering in Mozambique

By Pastor William Agbeti

[NOTE: If you choose to support the relief efforts of Pastor William Agbeti for the children impacted by the cyclone in Mozambique, please just note "Mozambique" in your donation notation or on your check. ]

I am weeping right now for the devastation that children in Mozambique are caught up in! I am therefore sending an appeal to readers and supporters  to consider sending immediate help for children in Mozambique affected by cyclone Idai. 

Below is the plea for help:

Everyone might have by now heard of the devastation caused by cyclone Idai in Mozambique. Several 100s are dead and rendered homeless. Whole communities, including children, women and the elderly are without food and essential needs like water.Children are dying as a result and the nation has declared a s tate of emergency. 
Nearby Ghana, children in Mozambique are suffering from the impact of a cyclone that is predicted to have claimed over 1,000 lives

The hardest thing to bear is that all these things are happening right in our backyard. 

We hear the cries and pleas for help and cannot close our eyes and stop our ears to them.In the wake of all this, we cannot remain silent because the cries for help have become loudest of late.  We are therefore also calling for help in order to help affected children in Mozambique. 

This is our very first attempt at international outreach. 

I plan on leaving for the affected areas in a week, on an emergency errand.  Even if we are able to save a few children from starvation or death, that would be a lot accomplished in the name of the Lord! My plans are to stay for a week only in Mozambique, and distribute essential commodities and medications recommended by doctors in Ghana, with documented approval. 

My budget is $5000, including travel costs and essential items. Close to $4000 of this amount will go directly to help the children! Please extend a helping hand! I will be sending direct reports from the field, should conditions permit. Please send help now! 

God richly bless you for allowing Him to touch and turn your hearts towards children in Mozambique.

NOTE: In case we are unable to raise the target amount, the entire funds raised will be sent to the Mozambique consulate in Ghana, with specific instructions to help children with it!

William D. Agbeti

The Daily Jot is totally reader supported. My wife, Chris, and I do not take a salary or receive any remuneration for this work. Your gifts go directly to assisting us in maintaining this column, the website, outreach, and the Lord's work we do in Ghana, West Africa. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day,

Bill Wilson
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