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Tips and Tricks: How to Style Bookshelves
Did You Know..."Master" Bedroom is Politically Incorrect?
Market Overview: New York, NY
Market Overview: The East End
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BOOKSHELVES STYLING TIP #1: Group decorative items in threes.

BOOKSHELVES STYLING TIP #2: Don't be overwhelmed by a large bookcase. Style every other shelf and use a combination of books and favorite decorative objects.

BOOKSHELVES STYLING TIP #3: Use dark colored books and decorative objects so they pop against a white bookcase. And especially don't use clear glass objects as they will get lost.

 BOOKSHELVES STYLING TIP #4: Pick up on colors in the room with the decorative objects you use, like we did in this Hamptons home.

BOOKSHELVES STYLING TIP #5: Take a cue from the bookshelf brackets themselves, whether brass like we did here or industrial pipes or wood, and purposefully repeat it with decorative objects.

Click here to read and download MORE tips and tricks for bookshelves. 

Did You Know...
"Master" Bedroom is Politically Incorrect?

According to an article in the Real Estate section of the New York Times, the term "Master" bedroom has racist and sexist undertones and might no longer be used in the residential real estate community in New York City, following the lead of Houston and other regions of the country.  Houston opted to use the term "primary" bedroom instead.  

You may agree or disagree with this approach, however here are some photos of previously entitled "Master" bedrooms we have staged: 





During Second Quarter 2020, Covid-19 had a profound impact on New York City and its real estate market. While business quickly pivoted to be conducted virtually, Manhattan market activity was a fraction of its pre-COVID level as a result of in-person showing restrictions. Now, as New York's lockdown eases and inventory returns to the market, short-term contract activity will likely be supported by pent-up demand. Longer-term, for-sale market conditions will depend on the wider economic recovery and the containment of COVID-19.

Sales activity fell sharply this spring. The slide in contracts that began in March deepened in Second Quarter. Closings, 90% of which were for contracts signed pre-COVID, fell less, but was still the lowest quarterly total since the 1990s. 

To view the Second Quarter 2020 Brooklyn report from Corcoran, click here.

July 2020

In July 2020, signed contracts remained below last year's level but improved significantly versus June. 

Listed inventory, which typically dips during the summer, instead continued an upward trend that began in mid-May, and by the end of the month was even higher than it was a year ago. 

Negotiability and discounts, which are nearly universal in today's market, deepened compared to this time last year. 

Days on market, which includes the time that apartments spent on the market during the 100% virtual showing period, rose alongside greater negotiability, averaging around six months for condos and seven months for co-ops. 

Despite contract activity continuing to be concentrated at lower price points, price statistics in July 2020 actually displayed year-over-year increases; this was because July 2019 price statistics were very low due to the significant drop in signed contracts over $2M caused by the July 1, 2019 increase in state mansion and transfer taxes. 

Historically, price figures included in the Manhattan Monthly Market Snapshot are based on Corcoran deals, and are typically representative of marketwide shifts in pricing. However, due to the limited number of sales this July signed by any one firm, this month we included prices for contracts signed by all brokerages. 

- Pamela Liebman, President & CEO, Corcoran

"The first half of 2020 was like no other in my 36 years. Along with so many other businesses, the real estate industry was shut down for months. Even with that time of "stay home," the Hamptons home sales market showed true strength. Looking at All Hamptons Markets Combined and you see positive advances in all three criteria monitored by Town & Country Real Estate. In fact, the Total Home Sales Volume blew up 34% from $1,427,917,291 in 2019 to nearly $2 Billion in 2020. Shift your eyes to the right and you see why - sales over $10 Million took off!"

Judi Desiderio, CEO, Town and Country Real Estate

The following is a comparison of Second Quarter 2020 vs. Second Quarter 2019, according to Town and Country's Quarterly reports for The Hamptons and

Hamptons Markets Combined
  • Number of Sales are UP 9% to 795
  • Sales Volume is UP 33.9% to $1.913 billion
  • Median Sales Price is UP 18.5% to $1.18 million
North Fork
  • Number of Sales is unchanged from 191
  • Sales Volume is down 3.9% to $119.7 million
  • Median Sales Price is up 2% to $588,000
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Also, industry professionals at an Express Sessions event on August 6, said homes in the Hamptons were going like hotcakes, and they didn't expect the surge to go away anytime soon - with some speculating that the market had entered a positive three-year cycle.  And further, the panelists said the new homeowners were here to stay, making the East End their primary residence for the foreseeable future, and perhaps changing the South Fork landscape for good. Click here to read more about what they discussed.