April 15, 2022
The Vermont Chamber testified in support of a total of $45 million for the most critical priorities for business recovery and growth: the VEDA forgivable loans, funding for creative sector recovery, and relocation marketing and incentives. The House Commerce and Economic Development Committee hasn’t always embraced relocation incentives and targeted marketing efforts, but was receptive to the Vermont Chamber’s suggestion that we are setting strong policy goals in Vermont regarding inclusion, climate change, and childcare, and that we must tell more people about this work.
The Senate Economic Development, Housing, and General Affairs Committee continued to take testimony on the workforce development bill. The bill is expected to be voted out of committee next week.
The Senate Finance Committee has signaled that, in a year when revenues are soaring, a package to provide tax relief to working Vermonters and families should not necessitate raising new taxes. That leaves a generous $36 million available for tax cuts to fit within the Senate’s budget.
The House General, Housing, and Military Affairs Committee made changes to the proposed Missing Middle Home Ownership Development Program, but ultimately kept the proposal largely intact. The Vermont Chamber has championed the need to increase the overall amount of housing units in Vermont, focusing on housing options for middle-income Vermonters to grow and retain our workforce.
Chris Carrigan, Vice President of Business Development for the Vermont Chamber of Commerce, and Steve Ganger, Founder of 14th Star Brewing Company in St. Albans

Episode three features a discussion about the tax on military retirement pay, and veterans in the Vermont workforce.
Bill Updates
  • H.715 Clean Heat Standard: The Clean Heat Standard is expected to pass the Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee Friday morning. The latest version still allows for biomass, biofuel, and biogas to receive credits if the fuel can demonstrate it is sustainably sourced through a complete lifecycle analysis. Not included is a formal "check back" amendment as requested by VFDA in both oral and written testimony. This would require the full legislature to vote on whether to go ahead with the complex credit trading system after it is designed but prior to being implemented so that all of the cost implications are fully understood.
  • H.740 Big Bill: The Senate Appropriations Committee marked up the budget bill after the Secretary of Commerce wrote a memo to the committee sharing deep concern that the House-passed budget did not include economic development funding as outlined in H.159. This funding includes many Vermont Chamber priorities for business recovery and workforce expansion and should be included before the committee votes on the bill.
  • S.210 Rental Housing Health and Safety: The House Committee on General, Housing and Military Affairs passed S.210 out of committee with a party-line vote as anticipated. Included in the bill is a mechanism to collect basic contact information for both long and short-term rentals.
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