April 22, 2022
With two weeks to go before the target May 6 adjournment, the betting pool is in full swing. Those placing bets in favor of meeting the deadline point to the early budget action by the Senate, which sends the $8 billion appropriations bill to conference committee to resolve the differences between the House and Senate versions. Others have guessed a week later because no one likes working on the Saturday before Mother’s Day and college graduation weekend. Then there are the realists, putting their money down on late May due to Governor Scott’s growing list of disagreements with legislative proposals. Either way, you can count on the Vermont Chamber’s five-person lobbying team to be working for you in Montpelier right down to the end.
The Senate passed an $8 billion budget several weeks earlier than anticipated, and the Governor immediately released a statement outlining his concerns, setting up the annual ritual of resolving the three different versions of budget priorities before final adjournment can happen.
The omnibus economic development bill that contains several Vermont Chamber priorities, such as business grants, relocation incentives, and marketing funding, finally passed the Senate after the Senate Economic Development, Housing, and General Affairs Committee added a study of a state and local tax (SALT) deduction cap workaround to the already lengthy bill.
The House Natural Resources, Fish, and Wildlife Committee added to the Act 250 bill, S.234, before it was passed out of Committee. Removed from the bill is the Senate’s Road Rule language, which Administration officials have opposed, along with proposals on forest fragmentation and Act 250 governance.
The Senate Finance Committee passed H.510 which includes a total of $32 million in tax relief proposals, the bulk of which is a Child Tax Credit. The Senate version, with a cost of $22 million a year, carries a three-year sunset and is drastically scaled back from the House version, which creates a permanent program at the cost of $48 million per year.
Bill Updates
  • H.715 Clean Heat Standard: The Clean Heat Standard passed the Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee. Learn more from VFDA.
  • H.175 Bottle Bill: The Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee reviewed changes to the bottle bill as recommended by the working group. While the scope of the term “beverage” is still expanded, wine sold in glass bottles has now been omitted. Added to the legislation, manufacturers and distributors would be required to participate in a producer responsibility organization to implement a stewardship plan for the redemption and collection of beverage containers. The Committee has been encouraged to engage in further conversation around this significant piece of public policy. If passed out of this Committee, the bill would also need to go to the Senate Finance Committee and the Senate Appropriations Committee because of the impact on revenue and changes to the appropriations to the Clean Water Fund and the Waste Management Assistance Fund.
  • S.113 Medical Monitoring: Governor Scott signed this bill into law on Thursday.
  • S.269 Energy Savings Account Partnership Pilot Program Extension: The House Energy and Technology Committee passed the bill out of committee. 
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