"Due to financial concerns stemming from the impact of COVID-19, ASI passed a budget at its final fiscal year 2019-20 Senate meeting that would defund and permanently close the ASI Recycling Center, prioritizing ASI funded programs that more directly serve the student body.

"For years, this center has been a convenient and reliable resource for members of the Beach community, both students and non-students alike. Unfortunately, as high maintenance costs continued to strain ASI’s operating budget and as anticipated budgetary shortfalls continue to loom due to the pandemic, we did not believe this service to be financially viable for students to continue to fund.

"It should go without saying that ASI remains committed to sustainability. We have instructed staff to shift ASI's focus toward supporting other services such as Sustain U and the Grow Beach Garden -- a community garden for CSULB students to grow and maintain fresh produce. With this increased support, along with relieved budget constraints, we are confident that ASI will generate more student involvement with these more modern sustainability efforts. Furthermore, we are confident that future ASI student leadership teams will continue our long-standing collaboration with the University on campus-wide sustainability initiatives including the university zero waste initiative and helping CSULB reach the CSU objective to eliminate the use and sale of all single-use plastics including plastic straws, water bottles, and bags by 2023.

"ASI is proud of the hard work, community involvement and commitment to sustainability that the ASI Recycling Center has represented. ASI will continue this tradition as it moves to more student-focused sustainability services, and we look forward to growing these programs with the help of our passionate community."