Dear  FIRST   Chesapeake Family, 

The last few months have been heartbreaking for many of us. We have been forced to change our daily lives and some of us have lost loved ones in the on-going pandemic. Recently, we have seen disturbing acts of racism which have triggered a wave of protests around the world.
In the coming months, we will be facing more uncertainties, but one thing is clear: The perpetuation of systemic inequality is at odds with our organization's vision and mission. FIRST Chesapeake does not condone and will not tolerate any act of discrimination. 

We treasure the unique gifts of every individual and hold dear the concepts of diversity, inclusion, dignity, equity, and integrity.  We abhor discrimination on any level. No one should see their lives or their opportunities threatened by prejudice and injustice.

I n the weeks and months ahead, we are committed to hearing feedback and opening ourselves to tough conversations.  FIRST Chesapeake remains a strong community committed to furthering opportunities for students everywhere.  However we can do more and are working to find solutions to promote greater diversity and inclusion throughout our organization.  You are a part of that future.

FIRST Chesapeake Board and Staff
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