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November 6, 2014


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                                 Statement from Paul Chabot 

                                It's been an amazing journey! 


While we came up short in today's updated numbers for the election, I could not be more proud of the campaign we have run and the battle we waged. Armed not with a sizable campaign war chest but with an army of volunteers and big ideas we were counted out since day one and prevailed through a contentious primary because voters agree that we must end the gridlock in Washington and focus on what matters - more jobs, safer streets and better schools.


I wish Pete Aguilar the best because much is at stake and we as Americans must come together now more than ever.


Like I have said from day one, we must lead by example and lead through the lens of being a parent. As a proud father to four young children, we must all work together so that this Nation becomes stronger, safer and more prosperous, for all. 


We will be forever grateful to all of our volunteers and staff who dedicated themselves to this race.  If only the rest of the world knew just how hard you worked, some 7-days a week from sun up to sun-down, and beyond.  We consider each of you part of our family - and together, our journey is just beginning.


As a team, we almost showed the world that you can win a race with little money but lots of heart. To face the odds we did, outspent some 30 to 1, in the most targeted seat in America, is a badge of honor that I hope you each wear proudly because I honestly believe that what we accomplished has shaken the political world to pay attention to a rag-tag group ready to take it all on.


I can make this promise, we are just getting started, because America is in crisis. 


As a family of faith, Brenda and I are forever grateful for the support you've shown us, and we ask that you continue to pray for America, and for Pete as he represents us in Washington.




Paul and Brenda Chabot


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