Statement from Pride Center of Vermont

March 3, 2017

Burlington, VT--  
The Pride Center of Vermont stands with our trans community. At the Pride Center, we serve all spectrums of the LGBTQ community and we want to ensure any event we hold is in a location where all feel welcome. In support of this mission, we cannot hold events at any place that uses hate speech as its name.  We cannot accept donations from any place with hate speech as its name. We condemn the use of hate speech in promotional materials and especially on signage.  The Pride Center of Vermont rebukes the name "Mister Sister".

Last night's trans community forum was well attended by our community and the media. It was heated, emotional, and hopefully cathartic to all involved. 
The trans community bravely came to advocate for their humanity and right to be treated with dignity and respect. Last night we gave you a microphone and a direct line to the Board of Directors at the Pride Center.  You told us this is hate speech. You told us that we had failed you. You demanded that we act. We heard your voices. We felt your feelings. We witnessed faces acknowledging the painful words shared by trans people which lead to moments of learning.

We cannot tell what the future holds, but we hope that our community mends and we will continue to maintain our accountability to the needs expressed by the trans community.
Written by: Bridget Barhight, Board Member, transgender woman
Approved by: The Pride Center of Vermont Board of Directors


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