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Statement from the Morris Township Committee
The Morris Township Committee is deeply saddened by the brutal killing of George Floyd. We recognize that Mr. Floyd is one of many black men and women who have died under similar circumstances. We honor their memory and mourn their deaths as well. 
We feel compelled to add our voices to recognize the hurt, anguish, and outrage being felt in our community and across our country. We stand in solidarity with our fellow Americans as we all seek a more just, more equal, and more compassionate society. We reaffirm our commitment to promoting equality, inclusiveness, trust, and mutual respect within our community.
We laud those exercising their rights to demonstrate peacefully in public, as demonstrated by the recent procession and vigil held here in Morris Township. We deplore the violent protest seen elsewhere as detrimental to this moment and to our society.
The Township Committee also stands with our Morris Township Police Department (MTPD). We are proud of our Department’s recruitment of diverse talent and its commitment to the principles of community policing. This commitment is affirmed by MTPD’s participation in a rigorous accreditation program which emphasizes continuous best-practice training in such areas as use of force, de-escalation techniques, racial profiling, harassment, ethics, community outreach, and dealing with mental illness and substance abuse.
As a community we cannot stand idly by. As government leaders, we have an obligation to combat racism, prejudice, hatred, and injustice in all forms. We know there is much work still to do to accomplish needed changes. We are committed to support ongoing listening and dialogue to help build awareness, insight, understanding, and trust among our diverse racial and ethnic groups, faith leaders, community leaders, law enforcement and government officials. We remain steadfast in our commitment to transparency and keeping the lines of communication open to all.
We also recognize that words must be followed by actions. We are committed to both.
This moment calls us to remember a common phrase that has come up repeatedly over our country’s history: “United we stand. Divided we fall.” Let us stand together both as a community and a Nation to ensure that the legacy of George Floyd (and others) is to strengthen our unity, build our mutual understanding and respect, and produce actions that lead to positive and enduring change for all.

Mayor Cathy Wilson
Deputy Mayor Jeff Grayzel
Committeeman Mark Gyorfy
Committeeman Peter Mancuso
Committeeman John Arvanites
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