Statement in Support of Nicaragua from of the International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity

May 16, 2018

For more than a decade, Nicaragua has been an example for Latin America and the Caribbean in the development of peace, equality, inclusion, security and significant social advances for its people.

Commander Daniel Ortega, who has historically raised and defended the flag of the Sandinista Front with his own life, was re-elected in November 2016 by the overwhelming majority of 70% of the electoral vote, in an election of unquestionable democratic character exercise that was monitored by a number of different domestic and international organizations.

Since April 18, groups committed to vandalism and violence have been trying to undermine the internal order of the country through blood and fire. Masquerading as  protesters against the social security reform package that the government was negotiating with employers in order to safeguard achieved gains, these groups have manipulated vulnerable sectors of the population contrary to the overall interests of the people. 

The protests initiated by students of private universities, that has used weapons of aggression, has spread to 10 cities, setting fires to university centers, hospitals, city halls, destruction of monuments to Sandino and homes of Sandinistas. They have provoked the security forces, disrupted transportation, kidnapped people and have left a tragic death toll while planting panic in Nicaraguan families.

In conjunction the big business media has started a narrative with the real objective being the overthrow of Daniel Ortega, Rosario Murillo and getting Sandinismo out of power.

The aggressors are being treated as victims and talk of reform has been replaced by regime change all in the name of democracy. The instructions are clear: keep the flames of the protests going and demand the resignation of the government.

The script of the soft coup applied in Honduras against Zelaya, in Paraguay against Lugo, in Brazil against Dilma Rousseff, is the same one they want to impose in Bolivarian Venezuela against Maduro and now intend to impose it on Ortega; literally following Washington's manual of unconventional war with the clear objective of bringing the countries of Latin America back into the neo liberal orbit of imperialism and the re establishment of the Monroe Doctrine.

Organizations of the continental right are asking the discredited OAS for the presence of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and are requesting the servile secretary Luis Almagro to apply the Inter-American Democratic Charter which is synonymous with intervention and implanting more puppet governments into the region.

Meanwhile the White House is playing its part by withdrawing diplomatic staff from its embassy in Managua and issuing a travel advisory to Nicaragua.
  • We repudiate the violent escalation, the brutal aggression against Nicaraguan families, their institutions and the symbols of Sandinismo.
  • We support Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo who from the first moment have called for dialogue and peace for which so much blood was shed by Sandino's children.
  • We call on friends from all over the world to be alert and mobilized in solidarity with the government and the Nicaraguan people.

No PasarĂ¡n!!

International Committee  for Peace, Justice and Dignity
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