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It’s hard to find the right words to explain the confusion, frustration, anxiety, anger, and sadness we're feeling, surrounding COVID-19, but most recently and most profoundly from the inhumane murder of George Floyd at the hands of the very people we count on to protect and serve. Like you, we also know so many honorable men & women in law enforcement, like our own Lawrence police officers who spend time at our camps every summer playing, sharing and connecting, but what’s obvious from this horrific act, coupled with our own work experiences, and the countless voices calling out across our nation, is that much more introspection, reflection, and action is necessary for change.

Since 2007, Beyond Soccer has acted. We’ve committed to leveling the playing field, and courts, for young people in Lawrence, who continue to be left out, under-represented and under-resourced compared to their nearby suburban counterparts. We’re focused on opportunities for inclusion, unity, connection, understanding, learning, and listening.

This heinous act and our disconnection from our wonderful families, has reminded us that we have so much more work to do. Some of those steps are already underway...
We’re recommitted to establishing a sports collaborative in Lawrence, with all city sports groups, so we can be more unified and more effective for our city. Beyond Volley has been added, which means we’re working with more people who care about kids’ sport disparities. We’re also part of the Schools & Youth Working Group, established in response to COVID, that's planning a 2nd youth summit for 100+ young people, but this time, will pivot from our recent focus on youth jobs to create a safe space for sharing feelings around racial injustice. Our hope is that this summit will lead to more action! 
Nelson Mandela’s quote that “ Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to unite the world in a way that little else does ,” reminds us of the opportunity & responsibility we have to continue to act, side-by-side with our community members, using sport to address obvious inequities that are at the heart of racial injustice. We won’t let you down, and we want you to help us be a better part of the process. -Steph McArdle
Sports & Camp Guidelines To Follow
Gov Baker announced Phase 2 reopening (6/8), which will be 1-2 weeks later in Lawrence. This means no youth sports/camps until after that date. Further, those experiences can only run with extensive guidelines & restrictions (i.e. COVID-19 Safety Officer, temp checks, new pickup/drop process...etc). See CDC , State & Mass Youth Soccer for more. It’s a lot, but we’re committed. We've also established Lawrence Sports Collaborative w/other sports groups to approach this as a team, which increases the chance of success. Youth Sports will NOT be responsible for COVID's return. Thanks for your patience. This will be a team effort.
We miss our in-person interactions, but we're busy with WhatsApp challenges, like Adam's weekly skillz, trivia, at-home scavenger hunts and fitness. We're developing a 6-wk remote summer program and our YouTube channels will include more sport, leadership, health & enrichment resources.
6 Week Remote Programming Coming Soon that's All About More Participation = More Prizes! This doesn't mean we won't be together, on fields, but until that time, we want to make sure YOUR child always has an opportunity to play, move and connect with teammates & coaches. A weekly schedule with SPORT--LEADERSHIP--CONNECTION--COMMUNITY--HEALTH events & activities will be shared on Sunday, then its up to the kids from there!
Lawrence Sports Leadership Academy  is our biggest event. This August will mark year 5 of its network leading to more collaboration, like Prepare2Perform 's Dr. Ira Martin, who hosted his 2nd Zoom for LHS student athletes. His contributions along with other fitness, health & leadership experts can be found on our YouTube channel that will be expanded this summer.
Visit WeAreLawrence for City of Lawrence COVID-19 resources
A few of those resources below from our partners!
Also, make your voice count through the Census. #TeamEffort
Parents of LPS Students
Lawrence Public Schools would like your feedback on your family's remote learning experience this spring: Link
We are asking our friends and donors to contribute to our Amazon Wish List which will help us build up our participation prize inventory for kids' engagement efforts this summer!