Statement of United Chinese Americans (UCA) Condemning the Racism and Violence of White Supremacist Rally in Charlottesville VA  

August 12th, 2017, Washington D.C.

United Chinese Americans (UCA), a nationwide federation fighting for civil rights and equality for Chinese Americans and all Americans, today condemns in the strongest terms possible the white supremacist rally held in Charlottesville, VA and the attendant violence the rally has caused.

No form of racism, bigotry or violence has any place in this country. As the targeted victim suffering from racism in our country's long checkered history, Chinese Americans know well what racism is and what harm it causes. Because of this bitter experience and unjust history in our past, today our communities have zero  tolerance for any forms of racism or discrimination in America.

We therefore call on our communities to join us in condemning and fighting against this blatant display of racist white supremacy and violence in the Charlottesville, VA and any forms of racism anywhere in this country. We must do our very best to help achieve the true equality and harmony among all Americans for a more perfect Union.

We shall overcome! 

United Chinese Americans (UCA) 

United Chinese Americans (UCA) is a nationwide civic federation, dedicated to empowering    Chinese American communities through civic participation, political engagement, heritage sharing, and youth development for the wellbeing of all Americans

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