Dear SACSA Members,

Over the last few weeks, we as a nation and profession, have seen some dramatic policy changes and events as well as heard rhetoric that affect, among others, undocumented students, international faculty, staff, and students, transgender students, and people of particular religious faiths. These events can create a place of fear for those directly affected despite an institution's best effort to reassure all students about its obligation, and promise, to protect students' rights. The promise of being a safe place where students can learn, work, and succeed comes at a time when faculty and staff must balance what is right and what is permitted by the state and federal governments. 

The question becomes what can we do as a professional organization that strives to support our members of all races, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, identities, and abilities? First, we can affirm our core value of inclusivity and recognize that those who are members of our organization also affirm this value. We want to assure all faculty, staff, and students that we care for them, we support them, and we will protect them to the best of our abilities.

Second, we would like to encourage our members to engage with our Communities of Engagement online forums. Currently, all four communities provide a space for you to discuss the current political and educational climate.

Lastly, I want to hear personally from our members about how you feel we can support you. SACSA is listening. Please email me your comments, concerns, and overall feedback to

SACSA strives for congruency between our actions and our words. When there are difficult and challenging moments, all we have guiding us are our core values. Diversity and difference are cornerstones to who we are as a country and a profession. Yet, appreciation of diversity is not enough, and we must act in ways that demonstrate our core value of inclusivity.

We, as an organization, condemn any action, proclamation, or policy that does not align with our professional value of inclusivity.


Matt Varga
SACSA President