A letter from Stu:

Opening Dutch Springs for 2022


Thank you for your patience during the transition of property ownership. We know our silence has fostered a lot of speculation. We have seen and heard all of the positive and negative responses. Our silence was due to the uncertainty of closing. We simply did not want to make any announcements or promises we could not honor.


As of today, there is one final item up for approval before settlement can be scheduled. The agreement of sale specifies that, if not settled by April 30, 2022, Dutch Springs could open for the 2022 season (May 1st thru October 31st). An additional agreement was made that requires the developer to give three weeks' notice of any settlement date starting May 1st. This will allow us to open and give sufficient notice to divers of our true closing date.  


Dutch Springs will be open, starting May 12, 2022 on a rolling three-week schedule. The first set of tickets will go on sale tomorrow afternoon (look for the email). Each Sunday, admission tickets will be added to the online store extending the season one additional week. Once a settlement date has been determined, we will no longer be adding dates and tickets online. In addition, we will send out an update email.


Changes for the 2022 season:

  • All tickets must be purchased online
  • Season Passes and previously purchased tickets will not be honored at the gate
  • Please submit a refund request online or via mail for any refund due. We have been refunding tickets since January and will continue to do so until we are officially closed.
  • If presented at the gate, you will be required to purchase a ticket at the ticket window (including a $10 onsite fee) and will be given a form to fill out for refund submission.
  • Need the form now? visit our website www.dutchsprings.com
  • Air Fills and rentals will not be available
  • Hours of Operation
  • Thursday – Sunday: 9:00am to 5:00pm
  • Must arrive by 3pm, under water by 4pm and out of gates by 5pm.
  • Monday – Wednesday: Closed
  • By appointment diving NOT available
  • Activities Available
  • Scuba diving Only
  • Solo diving, freediving, snorkeling, open water swimming not available
  • Non-divers will be charged the regular admission fee
  • This is to discourage any non-divers to come because there are no activities for them to participate in.
  • Camping every other Saturday, starting May 21st
  • Night diving every other Saturday, starting May 21st
  • All items must be removed from the property by the end of the day on Sunday. 
  • Trailers and tents can not be left from week to week.
  • Instructors
  • Instructors teaching students can continue to use the Dutch Springs Instructor Passes (up to date with valid insurance)
  • Instructors not teaching (even if you have current liability insurance) must purchase an admission ticket.
  • Solo diving is not available to instructors (the solo diving course can not be taught)
  • Admission Cost
  • Online fees are waived
  • Daily Admission Online: $65.00
  • Daily Admission Onsite at Admissions Office: $75.00 (including a $10 onsite ticket fee)
  • Night Dive and Camping Online: $20.00 each
  • Can only be purchased as a package with Saturday admission ticket.
  • Check-in for wristbands at the admission office by 4pm




I do want to thank you for your patronage over the past 42 years. I know this is a hardship for many people but it is time for me to retire. I would like to wish every diver, both old and new, well. My hope is that everyone comes together in a positive way, helping each other and uplifting the dive industry. There are many wonderful dive locations thought-out the Northeast to enjoy.


I would like to let you know of a lake (as most people say “quarry”) in Quarryville, Pa which is south of Harrisburg. It is called Lake Allure. It is being run by Lancaster Scuba. Also operated by Lancaster Scuba is Willow Springs at Myerstown Lake. While we are open, I encourage you to contact Lancaster Scuba and support their opening of these two facilities.  

Dive Safe,

Stu Schooley