September 8, 2020
Washington, D.C., The United States of America

International Campaign for Arakan (ICA) condemn in the strongest possible terms this attack on two innocent children, two women and a man in Arakan (Rakhine) state. 

Local reports suggest that two children and 3 civilians were killed and 7injured when members of the Arakanese attacked in Nyung Kan Village, Myebon Township, in Arakan State on September 8. The killing of 5 Arakanese, all from 2 extended family - and the injuring of seven more all while at homes, that no place is safe anymore for children in the Rakhine state.

Prior to this incident, on September 3, leading to serious damage in the villages of Parah Paung and Taung Pauk villages where many homes were burned, and civilians forced to flee.

The number of children killed in Rakhine state has now reached at least dozen since the hostilities began. On average, one children from Rakhine state are being killed every day. The reality of conflict in Arakan today, where innocent children, women, men and elderly are increasingly targeted and victimized, killed. Taken as a whole, humanitarian law offers fundamental assurances to children in armed conflicts: as civilians, they will not be targets in any given war.

The situation of families in Arakan, continues to be desperate, with limited access to food, water, shelter, health care and education. It is extremely alarming that Myanmar government’s military were killing and endangering Arakanese civilians. Deadly, Myanmar force should never be used in an emergency such as the COVID-19 pandemic. The perpetrators of this violence have undermined the ongoing peace and reconciliation efforts.

We renew our call on all parties to the conflict to respect the rights of women and children.
We call for cease-fire in order to enable efforts to prevent and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Nwe OO and Thein Htun Zan,
International Campaign for Arakan (ICA)