The Utah Decides Healthcare initiative has officially earned a place on the ballot!

The Lieutenant Governor's office has declared that Utahns will vote on Medicaid expansion in November

Utah Health Policy Project has been fighting for healthcare for more than five years on behalf of our hardworking friends and neighbors stuck in the coverage gap, and we are delighted that Utah voters will have the opportunity to decide on this important issue in November.

Today, the Lieutenant Governor's office declared officially that the Utah Decides Healthcare Medicaid expansion initiative will be on the ballot in November, after surpassing signature requirements, with more than 147,000 total verified signatures, as well as enough validated signatures in 26 out of 29 senate districts. The numbers show it is clear that Utahns are eager for a chance to vote on this issue.

From our team:

"We at UHPP have worked very hard over the last five years to fully expand Medicaid in Utah. After engaging with countless Utahns who fall into the coverage gap, while seeing the robust effect that expansion has had on other states, we are thrilled to have achieved this huge milestone on the road to finally ensuring healthcare coverage for some of our most low-income neighbors."
- Matt Slonaker, executive director at Utah Health Policy Project

“As someone who spent several years in the coverage gap, I know how devastating it is to be unable to access healthcare when you need it. Utah advocates have seen too many cases of untreated physical and mental health issues, and we have lost too many of our friends too soon. We are thrilled that so many Utahns could no longer be left without options for essential, life-saving care."
- Stacy Stanford, health policy analyst

“We are extremely grateful for all of our hardworking volunteers that went above and beyond gathering signatures— we couldn’t have made it to this point without such a swell in grassroots support. We look forward to continuing to work together to get the Utah Decides Healthcare initiative across the finish line, so we can start the process of finally closing the coverage gap.”
- Courtney Bullard, education and collaborations director