Reynolda House Museum of American Art stands in solidarity with all who are opposing the social injustice and racism that continue to plague our nation.  As Nathan Hatch, president of Wake Forest University, stated in his letter to the Wake Forest community, which includes Reynolda, “We cannot ignore injustice or wish away racism and bigotry. Now more than ever, we must confront hatred and uphold one another in times of great division and inequality.”

At our core, Reynolda House is a learning organization. To learn, we must listen, and to change, we must evolve with our visitors and our communities. Reynolda House continues to examin e its own history in the context of the Jim Crow era and the Civil Rights movement of the South. We hold ourselves accountable to this work.  

We take inspiration from the champions of freedom and inclusion to help guide our path forward and affirm that art has the unique power to help everyone to reflect and heal. 

Allison Perkins
Executive Director of Reynolda House Museum of American Art,
Wake Forest University