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JAC Statement


Another unthinkable tragedy has occurred -- 14 children and one adult were killed in a horrific school shooting. Attacks like these are preventable yet lawmakers lack the courage to enact common sense gun laws such as expanding background checks and banning assault weapons. There will be more than enough calls for thoughts and prayers. But until we get these weapons of mass murder off of the streets, we will be at this point, sadly, again and again.

The families in Uvalde, TX are left with shattered hearts that will never recover in the wake of this senseless violence. But we can honor the memories of these victims -- children with hopes and dreams and a teacher taken too soon from her loving family -- by doing everything in our power to ensure that Congress finally passes common sense gun laws to protect us. It comes down to who and what your elected official represents: your safety or the interests of the NRA.

This is not a debate about the 2nd amendment, nor about politics. This is about common sense and human life. Every elected official who treasures their own family needs to finally say "enough is enough" and do more to protect every family in America.

As voters, we need to hold officials accountable at the ballot box for what they do -- and what they do not. Our children's lives are on the line in this election and we must vote like it.

We grieve with Uvalde.

JAC directly supports candidate who believe in common sense gun legislation.


Joint Action Committee for Political Affairs (JACPAC) is a pro-Israel PAC with a domestic agenda. We support a strong U.S.-Israel relationship and advocate for reproductive health and the separation of religion and state and incorporate other issues of importance to the Jewish community, including gun violence prevention and climate change. In addition to providing financial support for U.S. Senate and House campaigns, JACPAC educates our membership with outreach events designed to inform and activate their participation in the political process.