October 9, 2023
To the Pace Community:
I was horrified by the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel this weekend, and I am equally heartbroken by the renewed cycle of violence it will surely engender. Many hundreds of lives—both Israeli and Palestinian—have already been lost in the fighting, many more will be lost, and families will be forever torn apart. The final toll will be devastating.

Our thoughts, prayers, and best wishes are with those now fearing for the safety of their families, friends, and colleagues in the region. Students in need of support may contact the Counseling Center. Staff and faculty may reach the Employee Assistance Program.

Central to our mission at Pace is the ongoing embrace of all members of our community, and our commitment to productive conversation across differences. In these difficult days, we must hold strong our values, hold strong to one another, and work to maintain a safe environment in which we can embrace constructive dialogue.

I know student groups are planning events today and in the coming days to process these events and to mourn. Center for Student Engagement staff will be available to assist any interested student groups with arrangements. I plan to attend the Pace Hillel event in New York City this afternoon, and I will join as many others as my schedule allows. I ask that we all treat all such events—and their participants—with respect and kindness.
Marvin Krislov
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