From the Office of the President:
The nation mourns anew: the Honorable Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a figure who without doubt will be long remembered in history. Before she was named as a Justice, serving among the nine black robed members of the Supreme Court, she had changed the law by championing gender equity. She virtually created a new field of rights that had met with derision when women initially argued for their ability to participate in the workplace and public life free of assumptions about abilities and roles. Few judges, commanding the awe of their office, also are celebrated as folk heroes. Yet Justice Ginsburg inspired so many. People understood that her career offered hope.

Justice Ginsburg demonstrated an abiding faith in our diverse democracy. She used logic, evidence, and the rule of law to bring about social justice. That deserves not only admiration but also emulation. To grant what is rightly due, the Queens College flag will be flown at half-staff. 

Frank H. Wu
President, Queens College
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