Today, New York State released statewide guidelines related to Child Care and Day Camp Programs.

 Click here to learn about the detailed guidelines required to open safely. You will also find a safety plan template that you can utilize to complete your safety plan if you don't already have one, and the business affirmation form that you must complete and submit to self-certify that your business has a safety plan in place to protect your employees and children. A copy of your safety plan and business affirmation form should be printed and posted at your place of business.
NY Phase III Re-Opening Guidelines Webinars
The guidelines for Phase III businesses (food service and personal care industries) to re-open has been released by NY.
The webinars are designed to provide the participants with and overview of the guidelines by industry, guideline affirmation requirements, safety plan development and how to navigate the NY Forward website.

Food Service Industries
Restaurants, Food Trucks, Food Service Establishments

Friday, June 12th
1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Live Session

Personal Care Industries
Non-Hair-Related Personal Care Businesses and Services, including Tattoo and Piercing Facilities, Appearance Enhancement Practitioners, Massage Therapy, Spas, Cosmetology, Nail Specialty, UV and Non-UV Tanning, or Waxing

Friday, June 12th
3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Live Session

Recordings of both webinars will be available at by noon on Saturday, June 13th
Just released PPP Modifications
June 30, 2002 is still last date a PPP loan application can be approved
The following modification have been made
  • Extend the covered period for loan forgiveness from eight weeks after the date of loan disbursement to 24 weeks after the date of loan disbursement. Borrowers who have already received PPP loans retain the option to use an eight-week covered period.
  • Lower the requirements that 75% of a borrower’s loan proceeds must be used for payroll costs and that 75% of the loan forgiveness amount must have been spent on payroll costs during the 24-week loan forgiveness covered period to 60% for each of these requirements. If a borrower uses less than 60% of the loan amount for payroll costs during the forgiveness covered period, the borrower will continue to be eligible for partial loan forgiveness.
  • Increase to five years the maturity of PPP loans that are approved by SBA (based on the date SBA assigns a loan number) on or after June 5, 2020.
  • Extend the deferral period for borrower payments of principal, interest, and fees on PPP loans to the date that SBA remits the borrower’s loan forgiveness amount to the lender (or, if the borrower does not apply for loan forgiveness, 10 months after the end of the borrower’s loan forgiveness covered period). Read More
Call the Niagara SBDC office if you have questions, 716-210-2515
Stay engaged. Continue to look for emails from our o ffice in the coming days and weeks updating you on the latest reopening news and what assistance is available to help you through this difficult time. Our staff is working hard to compile a complete list of guidelines, safety protocols and programs along with webinars and training that is available. To
learn more, be sure to visit our website and bookmark it. Once there, look for the COVID-19 tab.

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