Volume 5 | March 2019
Important Grant Updates
Competition Requirements for Grants Policy
In 2017 the OSC issued the policy to provide guidance and direction regarding the classification of Grants and Contracts, competition requirements for Grants, the applicability of Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Uniform Guidance, Colorado's Procurement Code and the relationship between the OMB Uniform Guidance and the Procurement Code.

The Grants Policy was recently revised to clarify language regarding delegation hierarchy for grants. Revisions have been approved by the State Controller and the most recent version of the Grants Policy can be found here. Be sure to review the updated FAQ and Technical Assistance document in addition to the revised policy. Those documents can be found on our website under the Grant Guidance tab.
Other Grant Related Updates
The OSC is in the final stages of approving the new Small Dollar Grant Award as well as finalizing the revised Contract Management System (CMS) policy. Those updates will be provided as soon as they become final.
OSC Grant Website
We are adding resource materials to our website every week in an effort to provide sample documents and materials to grant managers. Be sure to check it out!

If you have sample materials you would like to share with other grant managers, please email them to Gina Salazar.

We are also looking to expand the Grant Mentor and Contact List. If you are interested in being a resource to other grant managers, please email your information to Gina Salazar.
Grant Manager 101 Training Modules
The Grant Manager 101 training modules have been finalized and posted to the website. All five modules can be found under the Grant Manager 101 tab on our website .

Grant Manager 101 is a series of presentations meant for first time or new Grant Managers. These PowerPoint slide decks can be taken and modified to include specific information for state agencies and used by the agencies for grant managers. The information provided in the slide decks is general grant management information and is not specific to any one grant.
May SWGMG Meeting
The next SWGMG meeting will be on Wednesday, May 15th from 9:00 - 11:00! You can attend in person or via web-conferencing.

Because we are still testing the web-conferencing functionality, we are asking everyone to RSVP so we can accurately guage the number of people attending online vs. in person. P lease register for the meeting by clicking on the RSVP button.

The physical location for the meeting will be DPA Headquarters at 1525 Sherman Street, Denver, CO 80203. The meeting will be held in Conference Room 104.

The agenda and the web-conferencing link will be sent as the meeting date gets closer.

PLEASE NOTE: If you plan to attend the meeting in person, please plan enough time to find parking downtown and get through security at DPA.
Mark Your Calendars!
2019 SWGMG Meeting Schedule
Wednesday, May 15th - DPA (1525 Sherman St)
Wednesday, August 21st - CDOT Headquarters
Wednesday, November 20th - TBD
Grants Unit Contact Info