South East Education Cooperative Newsletter - February 2019
 Happy Spring!

As we head into the last quarter of the year, we wanted to give you an update on some amazing opportunities happening soon!! The following spring and summer professional learning opportunities are now open to all  ND educators through the collaboration of the SEEC, NESC, MREC and MDEC regional education associations' Principal & Teacher Evaluation Support System and Standards Professional Learning grants funded by NDDPI. In addition, NDMTSS & ND Afterschool Network Conference information is also included. Please take a moment and don't miss out! New opportunities run May - August 2019. Looking ahead to 2019-2020 school year? See the last item - SEEC Professional Learning Guide! We look forward to seeing you soon!


NDMTSS: Building A System of Support

This training, intended for school or district lead teams, will assist schools in determining their desired state of providing high-quality instruction and interventions matched to student need while monitoring progress frequently to make decisions about changes in instruction and/or goals. The training will empower teams to build an action plan to determine the resources and supports necessary to ensure every student is provided the opportunity to succeed. 

May 1-2 | Bismarck | FLYER | Register

NDMTSS: Barrier Busting 
Implementation Structured Support Day 

One of the greatest barriers with NDMTSS implementation is time for leadership team problem solving and action planning. The purpose of this session is to provide leadership teams the time to: 
1. Revisit the work you have been engaging in 
2. Assess current reality and identify obstacles for improvement 
3. Receive assistance with next steps from consultants and other schools

This is a customized opportunity for school leadership teams to address and discuss specific needs with Shannon Harken. 

May 3 | Bismarck | Register
PTESS: Coaching for Growth: Building Your Toolkit as an Instructional Leader

Morning Session: Principals

In this session, Dr. Phil Warrick will guide  Principals through school leader evaluation scales and will reveal how those scales can best be used to inform teacher evaluation. Specific scales will be used to study samples of practice, followed by a discussion about what teachers might be encouraged to do to continue their growth.

Afternoon Session: Superintendents

In this session, Dr. Phil Warrick will guide Superintendents through school leader evaluation scales and will reveal how those scales can best be used to inform principal evaluation. Specific scales will be used to study samples of practice, followed by a discussion about what principals might be encouraged to do to continue their growth as school leaders

May 3 | Fargo | FLYER | Register

PTESS: Tough Kids - Responding to Challenging Behaviors

Managing challenging student behaviors requires an understanding of behavior, its function, and its influences. This course is designed to explore practical, evidence-based, educator-centric strategies that pair with specific functions and behavior influence principles. 

June 4 | Jamestown | FLYER | Register


Every teacher works to provide a safe and enjoyable learning environment. This course will focus on how we can reduce barriers to learning and increase motivation to achieve by creating clear expectations, managing disruptive students, and creating positive relationships.

June 5| Devils Lake | FLYER | Register
9th Annual NDMTSS Conference: The Power of Connection

North Dakota's Multi-Tier System of Supports (NDMTSS) is a framework to provide all students with the best opportunities to succeed academically, socially, emotionally, and behaviorally in school. The annual NDMTSS Conference focuses on implementation, sharing best practices, and deepening understanding around systems, academics, behavior, and social-emotional supports. This year's conference will feature speakers such a Dr. Karen Karp, Dr. Nancy Marchand-Martella, Jessica Minahan, Shannon Harken, and Simle Middle School. Breakout Sessions will cover topics such as EL Students and MTSS, Prioritized Standards, Proficiency Scales and Assessments - Using them with Students, NDMTSS Demonstration Site School Presentations, Supporting Secondary Schools, and more!

June 10-12 | Fargo | FLYER | Register (Opens April 16)
SPL: Using Proficiency Scales in the Classroom

A proficiency scale is a valuable tool intended for various uses in the classroom. This workshop overviews three primary uses of proficiency scales: 
1. To plan instruction
2. As a framework for high-quality classroom assessment
3. To offer meaningful feedback about learning to students and parents 

June 4 | Bismarck | FLYER | Register

SPL: Standards-Based Grading Workshop

Take measure of your assessment practices. Are they helping students understand and attain learning goals? Are they helping you refine your instruction, give feedback, and report on student progress? Learn research-based practices for using quality formative assessments aligned with solid grading practices, and enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing your instructional decisions are based on sound assessment data. 

June 14 | Mandan | FLYER | Register

OR June 20 | Fargo
SchoolsAlive! Active Physical Education 

This course provides an understanding of the basics of physical education as well as the importance and benefits of daily school-wide physical activity. Physical education teachers will be given a refresher of the foundations of physical education as well as learn how to research and implement a variety of methodologies to activate a Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program (CSPAP) via the national Active Schools (AS) framework. An emphasis will be placed on developing quality physical education through appropriate instructional strategies, technology applications, and current resources. 

June 17-Aug 12 | Online | FLYER | Register

SchoolsAlive! Active Classrooms

This two-day course provides an understanding of the importance and benefits of daily school-wide physical activity. Classroom teachers will learn how to research and implement a variety of interdisciplinary classroom physical activities and movement breaks that facilitate improved academic performance, classroom behavior, and student health. Classroom teachers will also build a working knowledge of the national Active Schools initiative and the classroom teacher's role in Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programs (CSPAPs). 

August 12-13 | Fargo | FLYER | Register
SEEC: Out-of-School Time Summer Learning Conference

The 2019 ND Out-of-School Time Summer Learning Conference will focus on Youth Engagement & Workforce Readiness in Afterschool. This 2-day learning opportunity is open to any teachers, program directors/coordinators, leaders, and staff working in out-of-school time settings. Keynotes and a variety of breakout sessions will focus on student engagement, behavior challenges, staff retention, parent communication, STEM, social emotional learning, and more.  

July 30-31 | Bismarck | FLYER | Register
The  2019-2020 SEEC Professional Learning Guide is now ready! Take a look at the professional learning opportunities and start planning for next year! SEEC Teaching & Learning staff will be engaging school leaders in professional learning planning meetings during the month of April.
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