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A Note from the TEKS Resource System Director, Ann Graves
Hello TEKS Resource System partners! As you reimagine education with teachers and your community, please be reassured that our curriculum continues to be a viable and valuable tool regardless of the setting in which that instruction occurs.
In responding to the Texas Home Learning (THL 3.0) and learning management system (LMS) requirements from TEA, we want you to know that your TEKS Resource System curriculum aligns with TEA mandates of TEKS-aligned content including content connections, formative and summative assessment items, and support resources. The TEKS Resource System team along with content specialists in ESCs across the state are actively aligning new resources starting with the units in the first nine weeks of school. These resources will be accessible from the TEKS Resource System home page. Additionally, we will provide a new correlation document between TEKS Resource System and THL. Both of these documents will be continually updated throughout the school year.
We understand that in these uncharted times your community will face challenges. We know your responsibilities have expanded rapidly, including learning new technology systems, creating blended and remote learning approaches, and providing new professional development. There will be many questions and unforeseen circumstances, but we will stand with you to support your teachers, students, and community.
More updates will follow.

Ann Graves
Director, TEKS Resource System

Beginning of Year Reminders
Please make sure you add new users and disable educators who have left your district at the beginning of each school year. If you need a reminder about how to do this, please click on the relevant document below.

NEW Landing Page with NEW Resources Coming Soon!
TEKS Resource System, in collaboration with Education Service Centers, will be providing additional support to educators for both the synchronous and asynchronous learning environments by offering the following:
  • TEKS Resource System Instructional Support Resources
  • Texas Home Learning (THL) Correlation
  • Education Service Center Support

The first nine weeks Instructional Support Resources are now available through the  Planning Support and Resources page. These resources will continue to be rolled out for each nine weeks.

Upcoming TEKS Implementation -
The TEKS RS has your back!
The SBOE voted for an adjusted implementation schedule for the K-5 Streamlined Social Studies TEKS. See the implementation schedule below for the changes. 
Please know, the TEKS Resource System is working to make sure you have the curriculum and assessment documents you need for implementation!

  • Implement NEW ELAR TEKS for High School
  • Implement Streamlined Social Studies TEKS for Grades K-5
  • Implement NEW Pre-K Systems
  • Implement NEW PE/Health  
  • Implement NEW Science TEKS
  • Implement NEW Tech Apps TEKS
  • Implement NEW Math TEKS
Gap Implementation Tool Videos
Below are content specific videos that describe how to read, locate, and use the Gap Implementation Tools that are part of the TEKS Resource System. The TEKS Resource System Gap Implementation Tool reminds teachers to consider all previous grade level(s) standards of the last nine weeks that are aligned to the current grade level standards of the 2020-2021 school year. 
Note: Since these tools highlight the standards of the previous grade level(s), there is not a Kindergarten Gap Implementation Tool. In addition, the Social Studies Gap Implementation Tool focuses on the skills found in the Thinking Like A Historian Resource since the social studies context typically changes as you move across the grade level courses.
The Math and Science videos are about 30 minutes long and the ELAR and Social Studies videos are only about 15 min long. If you need any support using the tools, please reach out to the regional ESC for your district.

Content Updates:

Posting Update (recently published content)
  • Curriculum:
    • All HS ELAR curriculum components
  • Assessment:
    • All first semester ELAR K-5 Performance Assessment rubrics
  • Resources:
    • ELAR & SLAR Gap Implementation Tool 1st - 6th grades (see more below)
    • ELAR Grade 4 & 5 Phonics Scope and Sequence, SLAR K-Grade 3 Phonics Scope and Sequence (updated)
    • SLAR Vertical YAGs (updated)
Recent Development
  • Our team has provided training materials to all ESCs on the new high school TEKS and our new TEKS Resource System High School ELAR Curriculum. Please contact your local ESC to learn more about trainings they are offering. 
  • The Language Arts Team published a "gap" tool that provides information about standards that were supposed to be taught in the last nine weeks. The good news is that Language Arts is minimally impacted. The majority of SEs were taught prior to the COVID-19 shutdown. We are also very fortunate that our new standards have great vertical alignment, so if a student missed an SE in one grade, they will most likely receive the same or similar instruction the next year. We are more worried about slides in reading level and writing ability as students may not have had sustained time to practice (and less direct instruction for their exact needs). Pre-assessment will be critical for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 Language Arts instruction.
Current Development
  • HS assessment development is underway! All Unit 1 HS assessment items and passages are live. We hope you like the new Diagnostic Prompts that we added to these foundational units. Unit 2 items and passages are being published daily throughout August. Our projected schedule for the remainder of our HS assessments is:
    • Unit 3 items - published throughout September
    • Unit 4 items - published throughout October
    • Unit 5 items - published throughout November
    • Unit 6 items - published throughout December/January
Fall/Future Development
  • We will continue working on second semester elementary ELAR/SLAR PA rubrics and aim to have them published by mid to late fall.
  • We will also begin the process of developing popular resources for ELAR K-8/SLAR K-6 such as the Backward Design Document and the Conventions Alignment Tool.
Please let us know how we can be of service during these unusual times. Give us a shout through feedback if you need anything.

ELAR Content Advisory Group
Mathematics and Matem├íticas Update
Welcome back! The TEKS Resource System Mathematics team is here to support you!

  • Continual review of / minor updates to curriculum components (no Year at a Glance changes)
  • Continual review of / minor updates to assessment items
  • Addition of 60 new Formative Assessment Items per grade level for Kindergarten - Grade 5 in both English and Spanish
  • Addition of 60 new Unit Assessment Items per high school course for Algebra II, Geometry, Mathematical Models of Application, and Precalculus
  • New development of 147 Unit Assessment Items for Algebraic Reasoning
  • Mathematics COVID-19 Gap Implementation Tool
    • Available for Grades 1 - 8, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, MMA, Precalculus, and Algebraic Reasoning
    • Encourages inclusion of previous foundational understandings when appropriate throughout the year
    • Designed with considerations of pre-assessing, wrapping vertically aligned grade level understandings, and spiraling of concepts prior to and after instruction to solidify foundational understandings seamlessly
    • Training provided to all ESCs to better support districts (contact your local ESC regarding district trainings offered)
    • Explanation of Mathematics COVID-19 Gap Implementation Tool Instructions PDF posted in Grade Level Resources
Future Development:
  • Development of additional curriculum resources
  • Development of additional Formative and Unit Assessment Items
Please feel free to communicate needs and/or concerns to your local ESCs or contact the TRS Mathematics team using the feedback option in TEKS Resource System.

Math Content Advisory Group
Science Update
  • Systems Biology YAGs - added B.9A to Cell Structure unit for 2020-2021 in both Macro-Micro, and Micro-Macro
  • DRAFT 2021-2022 Systems Biology YAG - Posted in Resource Section - moved Cell Cycle causing other units to shift
    • Teaching Cellular Processes for Homeostasis and Cellular Processes for Energy prior to Cell Cycle
    • Review the Draft YAG and submit feedback
  • Updated with COVID-19 Gap Implementation Tool links in the Overview and under System Resources
  • More NEW Formative Assessment Items coming soon - Grades 6-8
  • NEW IPC Unit Assessment Items for the 2020-2021 school year
  • Currently calibrating formatting of all assessment items for consistency
  • COVID-19 Gap Implementation Tools - available in the Resource section and linked on the applicable IFDs in the Overview and System Resources sectionso
    • Grades 1-8 and BiologyoThere were no gaps from Grade 8 to IPC, Chemistry, or Physics
    • Vocabulary Cards - coming soon
  • Anatomy & Physiology YAG
    • Removed 11A from Unit 05
    • Added two days to Unit 06
    • Removed one day from Unit 07 and Unit 08 each
    • Removed 9B from Unit 08
    • Added 9B to Unit 10
    • Flipped Units 13 & 14
  • Forensic Science
    • Forensic Science YAG
      • Added two days to Unit 04
      • Removed two days from Unit 06
    • Performance Assessment Rubrics - coming soon
    • Continuous additions of new assessment items will be added to the Assessment Center for the 2020-2021 school year
    • Equipment List coming soon
  • New K-12 Science Development
Science TEKS Review and Revision
  • Science K-12 is part of Proclamation 2023. The new Science TEKS will be implemented in 2023      2024.
  • The SBOE was on target to complete the Science TEKS review by November 2020 with the       adoption of revised TEKS planned for the 2020-21 school year. The COVID-19 pandemic may        result in delayed actions of the board. A staggered adoption cycle has been proposed.
  • SBOE directed TEA to provide A Framework for K-12 Science Education as a resource for work groups to consider during TEKS review and revision.
  • The TEKS Review and Revision will follow a process that will consist of multiple steps and involve a number of stakeholders. Stay tuned for opportunities to participate in the feedback process with your local ESC.
  • The SBOE is still accepting applications for science TEKS review work groups. Follow the      instructions on the following pages to submit feedback to TEA regarding work group recommendations.
  • Work Group C - Grades 6-8 and other HS courses - in progress
  • Work Group D - K-5 and CTE courses for science credit
    • CTE should apply in the applications for science TEKS review Work Group D and indicate CTE as their course preference. Follow the progress on the Science TEKS Review page at TEA.
  • Subscribe to updates from TEA.
  • Questions regarding the application or TEKS review process may be sent via email to        [email protected].
  • Follow the Science Teachers Association of Texas STAT Guide to the Science TEKS Review .
Science Content Advisory Group
Social Studies Update
  • All streamlining for social studies has been completed with publishing elementary curriculum and assessment. All the standards in the system reflect streamlining. Tweaks to assessment items, curricular units, and resources like the Backward Design docs have been made to reflect streamlining changes.
  • All PAs have been reviewed and a few have been revised. All elementary and middle school PAs now have single-point rubrics. See the TRS Social Studies Blog entry "Introducing the Single-Point Rubric" at Secondary will come soon.
  • STAAR Analysis updated with 2019 items with analysis for Grade 8 and US History
  • With the cancellation of STAAR, there will be no update for 2020-21
  • STAAR Blueprint and Item Percentages updated with 2019 data
  • Each secondary grade level now has a resource titled "Learning Goals Planning Tool" that help break down unit understandings into learning goals that serve as an instructional guide for lesson building.
  • Vocabulary flash cards are now available K-12.
  • Gap Tool for Grade 1-12 demonstrating possible unfinished learning from the previous year due to COVID-19 disruptions.
  • Mental Mapping resource suggesting ways to integrating mental mapping.
  • Celebrate Freedom and Other Mandatory Observances resource now includes Holocaust Remembrance Week
  • NCSS Notable Trade Books for Young People resource updated with 2020 trade books.
  • Thinking Like a Historian Resource for all grade-levels includes a vertical alignment of K-12 social studies processes which supports the Thinking Like a Historian unit in grades 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, and 11
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Social Studies Content Advisory Group