News and updates about YOUR online curriculum, the TEKS Resource System | Winter 2020
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A Note from the TEKS Resource System Director, Ann Graves
Hello, TEKS Resource System Partners!

What an intense fall this 2020-2021 school year has been! It has been hard, challenging and sometimes even painful. Most of you wear many hats and this year, that probably tripled. You are the true heroes. Know our dedication to you will remain steadfast and consistent. We sincerely thank you for your partnership and continue to grow and enhance the TEKS Resource System.

There are some changes coming! Thanks to your input, we are updating our site for a seamless and easy navigation experience for you. We always want parents to develop a close relationship with their child's teacher and have the ability to work directly with you. Our Parent Site has been updated with a different look. This update clarifies information regarding the TEKS Resource System and our curriculum components. Lastly, the Resources and Activities collected this summer are moving and will be accessible through the 20 ESC Regional sites. Please use the Texas map on the Support Resources page and click on the Region in which your district resides to access the Resources and Activities Collection.
Look for upcoming announcements and communication on the site. Please use the feedback button to share your thoughts. We want to hear from you!

Mark your calendars now for July 27-29, 2021! We are planning for TEKSCON 2021, hosted in San Antonio at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. Of course, we know plans can change, and it may be challenging to make it to San Antonio. We heard your overwhelming positive feedback from TEKSCON Online, and we want to continue to offer learning opportunities to educators in every circumstance. We are excited to share TEKSCON 2021 will feature both in-person and digital experiences for every attendee. There is no one better to start our hybrid conference than our Keynote Speaker Gerry Brooks. Take a peek into his library of hilarious and motivating YouTube videos, and find out why you are "Erducator Strong". More to come on TEKSCON 2021!  

Thank you for your hard work, tireless hours and helping Texas students be successful!

Ann Graves
Director, TEKS Resource System

Mathematics Teacher Manipulative Google Slide Deck

The Mathematics Teacher Manipulative Google Slide Decks are designed for teachers to manipulate and use when developing instruction and student activities (e.g,. place value charts, base-10 models, multiplication charts, money, clocks, problem solving mats, parent functions, coordinate grids, transformations, assessment griddables, etc.). This new resource is located in every mathematics grade level/course in the Resource section of TEKS Resource System. There are approximately 25 slide decks currently available. Additional Google slide decks are in the works and will be uploaded to the resource table in TEKS Resource System as each slide deck is finished. 

Science SBOE Update
The State Board of Education met November 17-20 to discuss the revision process for the science TEKS. The following took place:
  • HS Biology, Chemistry, IPC and Physics TEKS were adopted.
  • Grades 6-8 are still in review/revision.
  • K-5 will begin as soon as Grades 6-8 are complete, along with the remaining HS Science courses and CTE courses for science credit.
Resources and Activities Collection
If you don't have access to the Resources and Activities Collection aligned to the TEKS Resource System units, please contact your local ESC or click the area of the map on the TEKS Resource System site that represents your region to find out more. You can find the interactive map below by clicking the link above. Don't miss getting access to these aligned resources that will support instruction!

TEKSCON 2021 is the hybrid event for Texas teachers and administrators to learn best practices, discover new ways to spark change and enhance curriculum from other Texas educators. The conference will be held in 
San Antonio, TX on July 27-29, 2021 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. Our keynote will be Gerry Brooks. For more information and future updates visit
Upcoming TEKS Implementation -
The TEKS RS has your back!
The SBOE voted for an adjusted implementation schedule for the K-5 Streamlined Social Studies TEKS. See the implementation schedule below for the changes. 
Please know, the TEKS Resource System is working to make sure you have the curriculum and assessment documents you need for implementation!

  • Implement NEW ELAR TEKS for High School
  • Implement Streamlined Social Studies TEKS for Grades K-5
  • Implement NEW Pre-K Systems
  • Implement NEW PE/Health  
  • Implement NEW Science TEKS
  • Implement NEW Tech Apps TEKS
  • Implement NEW Math TEKS
Content Updates:

All of the Language Arts curriculum documents based on the new TEKS are posted. We are monitoring feedback and making corrections and revision when applicable. Be sure to check on the revision section (found at the bottom of our homepage) for any new changes.
Recently completed and published:
  • K-5 Phonics Scope and Sequence
  • Unit 4 High School assessment passages and items
Current Work:
  • Publishing the final K-5 Performance Assessment Rubrics (majority are already published)
  • Reviewing Unit 5 High School assessment passage and assessment items (will publish as we finish)
Coming Soon:
  • Backward Design Documents (K-12)
Coming later (Spring/Summer 2021)
  • K-5 Formative Assessment Items

Please let us know how we can be of service during these unusual times. Give us a shout through feedback if you need anything.

ELAR Content Advisory Group
Mathematics and Matemáticas Update
We at TEKS Resource System are celebrating you and want to thank you for all you are doing for the students across Texas. We hope you and your classrooms remain safe and healthy. It has been a different and more stressful start this school year, but there are still some consistencies we can celebrate. Teachers across Texas are still working hard to provide the best education for students. Students are still learning and excited to be with their teachers, whether online or face to face. TEKS Resource System is still behind the scenes working diligently to provide the best curriculum resource to support you. And, it is fall, which means the holidays are not far away. So, hang in there. You are doing an outstanding job!
Curriculum Update:

Announcing a new resource - Mathematics Teacher Manipulative Google Slide Decks
  • The Mathematics Teacher Manipulative Google Slide Decks are designed for teachers to manipulate and use when developing instruction and student activities (e.g,. place value charts, base-10 models, multiplication charts, money, clocks, problem solving mats, parent functions, coordinate grids, transformations, assessment griddables, etc.). 
    • This new resource is located in every mathematics grade level/course in the Resource section of TEKS Resource System. Additional Google slide decks are in the works and will be uploaded to the resource table in TEKS Resource System as each slide deck is finished. 
      • Check the Revisions Log on the TEKS Resource System home page to see when additional Google slide decks are added, or simply check the resource table periodically.
      • Note: All Google slide decks that are targeted for Grades K-5 are in the process of being translated to Spanish. Until the translations are ready, the English resource has been linked to Matemáticas. As soon as the translated slide decks are ready, the English resource will be replaced in the Matemáticas Resource section.
    • The Google slide decks are designed for grade bands and not individual grade levels. The resource in TEKS Resource System is organized as a table listing all Google slide decks currently posted and indicating the targeted grade levels for each Google slide deck.
      • The title of each Google slide deck in the table is a hyperlink. Click on the title of any Google slide deck to download a copy.
      • The copy is yours to manipulate and use based on your individual needs.
      • The first slide in each Google slide deck is an index slide listing the titles and targeted grade levels for each slide with a hyperlink to allow teachers to quickly maneuver to their grade level slides within the deck.
    • The Google slide decks vary in design and ways they can be used. Some Google slide decks have movable text/images on backgrounds that have been locked using the Google Master View feature, which allows slides to be quickly adapted for instructional purposes and/or activities.
      • Some Google slide decks have images that teachers can copy/paste and use in their own documents and applications.
      • Some Google slide decks have informational slides regarding various mathematical concepts.
In addition to developing the new Google slides resource, we are continually reviewing all curriculum components in response to district feedback and/or questions.
Assessment Update:


We are auditing our assessment item banks to prepare for the development of new items beginning this Spring.

  • Elementary will focus on expanding the Unit Assessment Item Bank for Grades 2-5 in English and Spanish.
  • Secondary will focus on expanding the Formative Assessment Item Bank for Grades 6-High School.
Please feel free to communicate needs and/or concerns to your local ESCs or contact the TRS Mathematics team using the feedback option in TEKS Resource System. We are here to support you.

Math Content Advisory Group
Science Update
  • Systems Biology YAGs -Macro-Micro and Micro-Macro
    • DRAFT 2021-2022 Systems Biology YAG - Posted in Resource Section - moved Cell Cycle causing other units to shift
      • Teaching Cellular Processes for Homeostasis and Cellular Processes for Energy prior to Cell Cycle
      • Review the Draft YAG and submit feedback
  • More NEW Formative Assessment Items being added - Grades 6-8
  • Currently calibrating formatting of all assessment items for consistency
  • Vocabulary Cards - coming soon 
Forensic Science
  • Continuous additions of new assessment items will be added to the Assessment Center for the 2020-2021 school year
New Science Specialist and New K-12 Science Development
  • Beginning spring/summer 2021 - Keep an eye on the ESC 13 website for upcoming full time and contract employment opportunities. 
Science TEKS Review and Revision
  • Science K-12 is part of Proclamation 2023. The new Science TEKS will be implemented in 2023-2024.
  • SBOE directed TEA to provide A Framework for K-12 Science Education as a resource for work groups to consider during TEKS review and revision.
  • The TEKS Review and Revision will follow a process that will consist of multiple steps and involve a number of stakeholders. However, due to COVID, TEA has elected to exclude the process of ESCs collecting and coordinating feedback from regional districts at this time.
  • The SBOE is still accepting applications for science TEKS review work groups. Follow the instructions on the following page(s) to submit feedback to TEA regarding work group recommendations.

Science Content Advisory Group
Social Studies Update
  • All streamlining for social studies has been completed with publishing elementary curriculum and assessment. All the standards in the system reflect streamlining. Tweaks to assessment items, curricular units, and resources like the Backward Design docs have been made to reflect streamlining changes.
  • All PAs have been reviewed and a few have been revised. All PAs now have single-point rubrics. See the TRS Social Studies Blog entry "Introducing the Single-Point Rubric" at
  • STAAR Analysis updated with 2019 items with analysis for Grade 8 and US History
  • With the cancellation of STAAR, there will be no update for 2020-21
  • STAAR Blueprint and Item Percentages updated with 2019 data
  • New formative items with a focus on vocabulary are being introduced monthly by grade level. Grade 6 now has new items. Grade 7 will follow in December.
  • Each secondary grade level now has a resource titled "Learning Goals Planning Tool" that help break down unit understandings into learning goals that serve as an instructional guide for lesson building.
  • Vocabulary flash cards are now available K-12.
  • Gap Tool for Grade 1-12 demonstrating possible unfinished learning from the previous year due to COVID-19 disruptions.
  • Mental Mapping resource suggesting ways to integrating mental mapping.
  • Celebrate Freedom and Other Mandatory Observances resource now includes Holocaust Remembrance Week
  • NCSS Notable Trade Books for Young People resource updated with 2020 trade books.
  • Thinking Like a Historian Resource for all grade-levels includes a vertical alignment of K-12 social studies processes with supports for the Thinking Like a Historian unit in grades 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, and 11
  • Follow us on Twitter - @TEKS_RS_SS

Follow us on Twitter - @TEKS_RS_SS

Social Studies Content Advisory Group