Static control footwear: necessary or not?
Over the course of the past few newsletters, we’ve delved into static control in a healthcare setting and whether or not ESD or static control flooring is necessary. With the ESD flooring comes the question is ESD footwear also necessary?
As always, we turn to SelecTech President Tom Ricciardelli for the answer:
“A healthcare setting, while being sensitive to ESD hazards, is not as sensitive as say an electronics assembly environment and doesn’t generally require that people wear ESD footwear. Nor it is reasonable to think that ESD footwear would be worn in these environments by patients and staff. That’s why it’s important to look at how different ESD floors perform with regular footwear and ensure that they are capable of keeping voltages on people below 2000 volts. We’ve tested all of our ESD flooring products using regular footwear and all keep voltages below 1000 volts.” 
If you’re unsure as to whether your medical facility requires ESD flooring, please download a copy of our eBook, Checklist for ESD Flooring Selection. Better yet, give us a call at contact us 508-583-3200 or drop a line.
Installing flooring over carpet
With StaticStop's interlocking technology, you can install our flooring over carpeting quite easily. Hard to believe, yet true. The video on the left shows how simple it is to install our flooring over existing flooring.
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