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Should healthcare facilities be using ESD flooring?
People are figuratively shocked when we tell them how much static electricity a human being can generate-up to 5,000 volts. That’s why people literally get shocked as a result of walking on a carpeted floor on a cold, dry day or folding a throw blanket. The human generation of static electricity and its impact on electronic devices is a big reason why the healthcare industry is taking a hard look at ESD flooring.

Among the many reasons for this concern is the impact static electricity can have on issues related to patient diagnosis and care, such as:

  • Data corruption impacting such items as patient records
  • Diagnostic failure – e.g. the impact static electricity could have on an MRI machine
  • Patient discomfort

SelecTech offers FreeStyle ESD for healthcare and lab facilities. From our StaticStop line, we have SelecTile ESD.

The next several issues of our newsletter will dive deeper on this topic. If you think your medical or healthcare facility may have a need for ESD flooring, please contact us 508-583-3200 or drop a line. For additional information, please download a copy of our ebook, Checklist for ESD Flooring Selection, by clicking the button below.
Medical and Healthcare
The use of ESD flooring and treatments in healthcare is not new to SelecTech. It’s something we’ve advocated for a while. Here’s a brief rundown of FreeStyle and StaticStop products that can be used in a healthcare setting.

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