April 2022
A Thank You From Our Executive Director, John Friedel
Dear The Baltimore Station Volunteers,

I sincerely wish to thank you for your volunteer service. We were founded by volunteers and have always remained aware and respectful of our origins and the impact you and people like you have made over the past three decades. Many of you have been with us from the beginning of our mission and have helped us remain strong and grow. For those volunteers who are newer to us, welcome to an alliance of people who strive to help our veterans and others reach their full potential and live rewarding and fulfilling lives and escape the horrors of addiction and poverty…and manage the demons of PTSD and other traumas.
The impact of volunteers over the years and throughout the pandemic has leveled the playing field for our clients and given them hope.

The past two years have been difficult for everyone, especially those we serve. Isolation, fear and lack of access to medical and mental health treatment have impacted the population we serve disproportionately – rendering them more fragile than ever. Fortunately, you have remained with us in the fight to ensure that our clients have the support and tools necessary to survive and achieve their goals. We were so happy to be able to open the doors and welcome you back…I know that coming back helps to heal you as well. I continue to believe that everyone who is involved with the mission gets back at least as much as they give…this is a space where positive energy magnifies.

As 2022 progresses I am hopeful that we all can begin to put the pain and grief of the pandemic behind us and focus on the strengths that enabled us to pull through and continue to support one another and thrive.

With gratitude,
John Friedel
Executive Director
Something New to Volunteers
As we expand our volunteer program here at The Baltimore Station, we have realized a need for more events welcoming individual volunteers. This past March, we held our first ever Volunteer Potluck Dinner Night! From brand new volunteers to seasoned vets, this potluck allowed individuals the opportunity to come in and serve without the pressure of cooking an entire meal.

We had a mother daughter duo, a few neighbors, some long standing volunteers, a board member, and someone who had never stepped foot in The Baltimore Station all come together to share a meal with our wonderful veterans. If you’re wondering what was served, it was quite the spread. We had a garden-fresh salad, Hawaiian Rolls, meatballs in marinara, chili, baked chicken and beans, potato casserole, and a multitude of the most delicious desserts.

If you’re interested in being a part of our next Volunteer Potluck Dinner Night on April 29 from 5-7pm, please reach out to Lilly our volunteer coordinator: lfrazier@baltimorestation.org
Getting the Facts on a Growing Health Issue
Here at The Baltimore Station, we understand the effect alcohol use disorder (AUD) has on individuals and families all too well. So, with April being Alcohol Awareness Month, we wanted to take time in our newsletter to share some information and bring attention to an issue that has become the nation’s third leading preventable cause of death. (GFK)

Since 1987, The National Council for Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) has commemorated April as Alcohol Awareness month. They have taken this opportunity to spread awareness, promote treatment options, and break down the stigma surrounding those struggling with Alcoholism. The NCADD reported that in 2019, there were 10,142 alcohol-impaired driving fatalities, totaling 28% of all traffic fatalities for the year. (Alcohol Awareness Month 2022). And with the pandemic forcing everyone into isolation, statistics have only worsened. But by bringing information to the public and increasing communication, we can work together to lesson the burden on those struggling. “By making people more aware of the situation and the viable solutions, alcohol awareness month aims to reduce the pain and suffering alcohol abuse causes to people’s lives." (Alcohol Awareness Month 2022)

Alcohol use disorder (AUD), as defined by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, is a medical condition characterized by an impaired ability to stop or control alcohol use despite adverse social, occupational, or health consequences. If you or someone you know is suffering from AUD, please reach out to a medical professional for help. Here are some resources to help you better understand:

If you or someone you know is a homeless veteran looking for help on his road to recovery, please contact our outreach coordinator, James Hardy.
Email: jhardy@baltimorestation.org Phone: 410-752-4454 x301

Source: GFK. “Alcohol Awareness Month: Learn About Alcohol Use Disorder and Ways to Get Help.” National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 11 April 2022, https://www.niaaa.nih.gov/publications/alcohol-treatment-and-physical-distancing

“Alcohol Awareness Month 2022.” Penn Foundation, 1 April 2022, https://www.pennfoundation.org/alcohol-awareness-month-2022/
Putting a Twist on Volunteering
One thing many of us can relate to is the isolating feeling that resulted from the pandemic. From having to leave school and learn online, to working remotely relying on Zoom conferences, Covid-19 left many of us pining for a sense of community involvement once again. Here at The Baltimore Station, our community members are getting more and more creative with how they engage and support the men we serve!

O-Six Ryderz, A Motorcycle Club founded by fraternity brothers exclusively for members of Alpha Phi Alpha, hosted a motorcycle ride around Baltimore to give back to the community, specifically The Baltimore Station. Motorcyclists from all over the Baltimore area, and a few even from Virginia, took a ride through Baltimore stopping at both our locations. This group combined their passion for giving and love of riding to lift the community and aid those in need. This was the first time we have hosted an event like this and it was a smash.

We also have volunteers looking to spice things up. BGE Exelon hosted an American themed trivia night to go along with their Mission BBQ meal service. Although only one team won the game, everyone had a great night and enjoyed the extra time talking, laughing, and even throwing some light trash talk. We have already received requests for a rematch. But not all service projects have to be big events. One of our neighbors, Tyrone Shaffer, offered up his time this month to welcome the spring with a garden project at South Baltimore Station by trimming the rose bushes, mulching the ground around the trees, and getting our pots out front planted with some beautiful new flowers.

There is not “one way” to connect with The Baltimore Station. So get creative and ask what ways you can make the most of your time giving back.

“Everybody can be great...because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.”
- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
The B'MORE Healthy Expo
Saturday March 26, Fox45 hosted the 13th annual B’MORE Healthy Expo in person at The Baltimore Convention Center! The expo offered something for everyone; rock walls, healthy cooking lessons, dance performances, and free health screenings. Whether you came with a goal or just a plan to look around, the B’MORE Healthy Expo connected guests with service providers ready to help. Just another way Baltimore used its resources to inspire residents to live healthy lives.

Four team members from The Baltimore Station came out to connect with those in need, as well as those looking to better serve their community. We passed out contact cards, program information and event flyers. Our prize wheel was a big hit with Expo attendees allowing them to win Station Swag, but also a chance to speak with our staff to learn more about the work we do in Baltimore. Our mission at The Baltimore Station to support veterans who are overcoming obstacles to regain self-sufficiency is one that connects with most people and The B’MORE Healthy Expo allowed us to reach a greater audience.
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What's Coming Up in April?

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