June 2022
Recognition of Excellence
This month, The Baltimore Station is honored to receive a grant from The Scripps Howard Foundation thanks to a recommendation from one of our media partners, WMAR Baltimore. “The Scripps Howard Foundation supports philanthropic causes important to The E.W. Scripps Company and the communities it serves, with a special emphasis on excellence in journalism. The Foundation improves lives and helps build thriving communities by leveraging media to create awareness of local issues and partnering with impactful organizations to drive solutions.”
Students at The Station
The month of June brings many changes and new opportunities: the start of summer, higher temperatures, festivals of all kinds. But it also marks the end of the school year and for some, the start of graduation season. Here at The Baltimore Station, we are so grateful for all the school groups that come to volunteer and learn more about our programs and the men we serve.

Friends School, under Tom Binford’s supervision, has been coming down to The Baltimore Station for more than 10 years. They help our kitchen staff prepare dinner, serve, then sit and chat with the men in our program. Their group, The Hunger Committee, is made up of students looking to help with food insecurity in Baltimore. They volunteer about twice a month throughout the school year.

We are also fortunate to receive volunteers from Cristo Rey Jesuit High School. A group of students, along with an instructor, provide the ingredients for a delicious meal for our men. They work together with our kitchen staff to learn the best tactics for cooking for such a large group. We are looking forward to their group volunteering this summer and appreciate their dedication to serve outside of the school year.

Loyola Blakefield has two official volunteer groups along with individual students who offer their time to The Baltimore Station. After a long day of work, a teacher’s group serves a meal of different dishes all prepared ahead of time. The Fathers Club made up of Loyola students and their fathers cook a meal alongside our kitchen staff. Throughout the year, plenty of students volunteer individually, representing their school and giving back to the community. This past week, two groups of students brought softball back to The Baltimore Station by playing softball games with the men.

We are so grateful for all the students and faculty who volunteer here at The Baltimore Station. We hope to expand that network even further as seniors graduate and new students start. Thank you to everyone who is involved in connecting these young minds to our organization’s mission. We wish you a happy and safe summer vacation!
Thank You to the Friends of The Station
The Baltimore Station wouldn’t be where it is today without the generous support of our business community. They sponsor events, organize in-kind donation drives, volunteer and so much more. To be more involved with our work throughout the year, we created our Friends of The Station corporate giving program which provides opportunities for businesses to financially support The Baltimore Station at various levels and allows for employee engagement through volunteering and service projects. Our Friends of The Station enjoy yearlong benefits and promotional opportunities at all of our events, on our website, posts to social media and other unique activities.

We are proud to call the following companies our Friends of The Station and thank them for their generous support:
The Arnold Consulting Group

If you’re interested in learning more about our Friends of The Station corporate giving program, please contact Kim Callari at kcallari@baltimorestation.org; 410-752-4454 x207.
Thank you to ALL of the businesses who support The Baltimore Station and the men we proudly serve.
Happy 247th Birthday
Let us take you back to the spring of 1775 where citizen soldier groups of New England realized their rebellion against the British was turning into a full-blown fight for liberty. As the struggle for independence showed a need for greater involvement, these soldiers from New Hampshire, Connecticut and Rhode Island reached out to the delegates of all 13 original colonies to request help. In Philadelphia, the Second Continental Congress was convened, and although some preferred reconciliation, the decision was made to turn this rebellion into a revolution and war for independence. And with that, the Continental Army, what we now know as The U.S. Army, was created to offer military reinforcements (history.army.com). The very next day, George Washington would be named as General of the Army, citing his “patriotism, valor, conduct, and fidelity”, to lead the troops. (military.com)

Although this is a very brief and simplified history of the U.S. Army, it is a good reminder of where it all started. What was once a humble group of volunteers, has now grown into one of the world’s largest armed forces. Celebrations for this birthday happened across the country including at Fort McHenry where admission was free for all service members and veterans. So happy birthday U.S. Army... here’s to another year of embodying the slogan, “This we’ll defend”.

(1) “June 14th: The Birthday of the U.S. Army.” June 14th: The Birthday of the U.S. Army | U.S. Army Center of Military History, https://history.army.mil/html/faq/birth.html. 
(2) Stilwell, Blake. “The History of the US Army's Birthday.” Military.com, 1 Apr. 2022, https://www.military.com/history/history-of-us-army-birthday.html. 
Memorial Day Cookouts
What are the four best components of any cookout? Fried chicken, burgers, snowballs and ribs! Here at The Baltimore Station, we know how to throw a cookout and so do our dedicated volunteer groups. With the celebration of Memorial Day last month, our kitchen staff, as well as two volunteer groups, sponsored Memorial Day themed dinners as a thank you to the veterans in our program.

The Baltimore Hons served up fried chicken with macaroni salad, vegetables, rolls, watermelon, and plenty of dessert options. They also came out to sing a few songs to the men for their goodbye at the end of the meal.

The following week we had Exelon Militaries Actively Connected (EMAC) through BGE serve up charcoal grilled burgers and dogs plus an assortment of never-ending sides: applesauce, potato salad, chips, corn, salad, baked beans, and all the toppings of course. Since their last visit, they have scheduled a date to donate two new grills to The Baltimore Station to help us continue to throw the best cookouts possible throughout the summer and for years to come.

But not only do our volunteer groups knock it out of the park, our amazing kitchen staff continues to make holidays a celebration for our men. This year they brought out the snowball machine and got ribs for slow cooking. Our kitchen team never ceases to amaze us with their dedication to preparing nutritious and delicious meals for each and every man we serve.

We hope everyone was able to celebrate Memorial Day in a meaningful way and are looking forward to a summer of cookouts! And if you’re interested in throwing a cookout for our men at The Baltimore Station, we are always looking to welcome new volunteer groups into our community of dedicated supporters.
What's Coming Up?
DATE: Sunday, June 26 | 1:00 - 4:00pm
LOCATION: Old Line Spirits | 200 S Janney Street, Baltimore
Guests will walk away with a bottle of their favorite whiskey that they personally filled and packaged. oldline.givesmart.com
Drive-In Movie Night Featuring Jumanji
DATE: Thursday, August 18 | 7:00pm
LOCATION: Bengie’s Drive-In Theatre
3417 Eastern Blvd, Middle River
Enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere, drinks, snacks, and the movie Jumanji from the comfort of your car. drivein2022.givesmart.com
Call for Creative Volunteers to Lead Groups
Are you looking for a creative way to volunteer with veterans and grow your leadership skills? Consider leading a 1-hour class at The Baltimore Station. We are always looking for new groups to offer the men in our program and the possibilities are endless. Activities could include (but are certainly not limited to): cooking, gardening, survival skills, writing, dancing, exercise, jewelry making, etc. Please contact lfrazier@baltimorestation.org if you are interested in leading a group!
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