June 2021
Therapy And The Great Outdoors
With the weather getting warmer, our residents are finally able to get outside for alternative forms of therapy. Two forms of therapy that really resonate with our residents (and staff) are Piscatorial Therapy (fishing) and Experiential Therapy (camping). The goal with these forms of therapy is to subject veterans and others who are transitioning through the cycle of poverty and addiction to activities that create healthy habits and replace negative behaviors with pro-social activities. These activities enhance their quality of life, while they enjoy therapeutic activities in a stress-free environment, away from the treatment facility. Being out on the water and at camp also provides the opportunity for our residents to be one with nature. Activities such as fishing, camping and horseback riding help increase morale and builds confidence. These activities provide transferable tools and skills that help with our resident’s transition back to the community.

When a resident first comes to The Baltimore Station, these walls can represent pain. When they come inside, there are people they don’t know, a structure they don’t know, and their clutch of drugs and alcohol is taken away. They are forced to spend time with the person they truly are. Our clinicians’ goal is to help teach them something they are not proficient at and get comfortable in their own skin. The men have weekly group sessions where they talk about these challenges to help gain a life understanding. Once they receive this understanding, the application of these skills will come from the experiences.

Recently our men went fishing in Annapolis, MD. Fishing is a low-impact exercise that provides mental relaxation, social camaraderie and patience. The critical thinking that comes from fishing can help the men alleviate stress and anxiety. Some residents never had the opportunity to experience fishing; this gives them the chance to acquire a transitional skill they did not previously have.

Our men also went to Camp Puh'tok to do community service by cleaning the grounds for the upcoming YMCA summer camp season for children. Located in picturesque Northern Baltimore County, Camp Puh’tok is a private, non-profit outdoor learning center that provides a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary environmental education program. Pre-Covid in the Spring/Fall timeframe, our residents traditionally take a three-day camping trip here. Our plan is to return this Fall for another trip. A few of the men did not have an interest in going on this trip at first, however after their time at Camp Puh'tok and their experiences working with the horses and other activities, they cannot wait to go back. Piscatorial Therapy and Experiential Therapy are great ways to take an understanding the men learn in groups and apply in real life.
Welcome Back Volunteers!
You heard that right, volunteers are back at The Baltimore Station! On Friday, June 4, we had our first volunteer group, New DayUSA, back to serve dinner at our South Baltimore facility. Check out our story on WMAR2 News.

Interested in volunteering? Be sure to check out our website for the volunteer schedule.
Contact Todd Troester at for more information.
10 Better Than Par: Heroes Edition!
Choptank Transport, a full-service third-party logistics company, is featuring The Baltimore Station as one of their 10 Hero Organizations. This will be the third year of Choptank Transport Community Foundation’s “Giving Back” to local charities. This event is not only raising money for one organization, but ten! Every year they host a golf tournament at Hog Neck Golf Course in Easton, MD. This year the location will be the same, but they are also adding a cornhole tournament!

The event will take place on Saturday, September 11th, 2021 with registration starting at 8:00am. While both the golf and cornhole tournaments are going on, there will also be live music from The Rockets (one of Philly’s biggest party bands for over 20 years) and food trucks. We are excited to be included as one of their charities this year. This event is open to all with prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd! Be sure to check out the link below for sponsorship opportunities and team registrations.

Community Auction
This year we are partaking in a campaign offered by Community Auctions. This fundraising campaign allows businesses to support local nonprofits simply by opening their doors.

This year the Baltimore campaign is raising money for The Baltimore Station. Our staff have been busy setting up the auction tables all around the city and surrounding areas. You can find our tables in hotels, gyms, restaurants, and other businesses. If you are looking for that perfect piece of memorabilia, check out our list of locations.

To see a list of where our community auction tables are located, click here.