May 2021
Welcome to Our New Board President

Let’s give a big warm welcome to our new Board President Adam Skolnik.

He will be stepping up this month as Jen Rothenberger steps down to the At Large position. “My goal is to help continue the great work of The Station. I am following three incredible Station presidents and I hope that I can continue in their footsteps,” said Adam. Adam has been the Executive Director of the Maryland Multi-Housing Association (MMHA) since 2009. MMHA is the trade association that represents the owners of rental housing throughout Maryland. MMHA has been a proud partner of The Baltimore Station for well over a decade.
Adam was first introduced to The Baltimore Station through a past board president who was also an MMHA member. He officially joined our TBS board back in 2018. “I love seeing and talking to the men outside of The Station, in particular, at the MMHA golf outing which raises proceeds for the organization.” We look forward to seeing all Adam accomplishes during his term as Board President. Other Executive Committee members include Danielle Gofstein as Vice President, Joseph Salek-Nejad (Pizza di Joey) as Secretary and Steve Leckrone as Treasurer.
We Hit It Out Of The Park!
To those who had a chance to join the fun at our 29th annual Homerun for Recovery, thank you for your support! This year we raised over $96,000! Every dollar will directly support the men in our programs who are working hard every day to graduate from our program with a sustainable income, a permanent place to call home and the tools they need to lead a substance free life. We had folks join us from all over the country! Lots of people got together and had house parties (following Covid-19 protocol) so they could share in the fun together.

For those who missed the comical hosting between Kim Callari, Director of Development and Communications and Todd Troester, Development Manager, we think America has found their next big duo! Their back-and-forth banter really set the stage for a fun event. In between their musings, we were joined by Corey Lisick, Events and Catering Director with the 206 Restaurant Group, who presented the four courses of cocktails and appetizers specially created to go with each music genre. The performances from each local band were the real showstoppers. Between hearing musical performances of classic rock (Midnight Run), pop (APS), country (Boot N Rally), and let us not forget the live performance of jazz (Dat Feel Good), with our very own TBS residents, there was something for everyone!

While all this fun activity was going on, the silent auction was in full swing, becoming a nail biter for some. The silent auction raised over $11,000, literally doubling revenue during the live event! Congratulations to all our auction winners!. A special thank you to those individuals and businesses who donated all of the fabulous auction items.

On the sidelines of the event there was a Fund-A-Need program taking place to raise money to replace a portion of our air conditioner units in advance of the upcoming summer heat. A special thanks to The Gathering who worked hard to raise over $4,600 towards this need! To all our Fund-A-Need donors, thank you. Your donations will help provide a comfortable living environment for our residents.

Not only did this event bring about a joyful evening for friends, family, even coworkers joining in an office viewing, but it brought everyone together for a great cause. This was an evening that will help to change lives, and every attendee helped to make that possible. We look forward to seeing everyone next year at our 30th annual Homerun for Recovery! You won’t want to miss this milestone event!
Art Therapy
The Baltimore Station hosted a few interns this year, one of which was Sun Ah (Sunny), who is currently attending Notre Dame of Maryland University in the master’s program for Art Therapy. The university matches students with 1-3 internship locations based on students’ past experiences (personality, therapeutic approach, strengths, weaknesses, to name a few).

During her time at The Station, Sunny facilitated two art therapy groups per week. “Art therapy, from my perspective, is understood in 2 different approaches—art as therapy and art psychotherapy. Art as therapy can be done by engaging in creative activities. While art as therapy focuses more on the final product, art psychotherapy focuses more on the process. Art psychotherapy aims to enhance insights and a healthy perspective of the situations, mood, self, etc. Art can be the voice of the clients, who cannot use words or do not have the words to express their feelings and/or thoughts. Therefore, art can be a way of connecting to the world by communicating and making sense of self/situation by finding the correct vocabulary.”

Sunny worked hard to build her rapport with the clients since day one. In her Monday group she focused on different therapeutic aspects, such as increasing a sense of belonging, self-esteem, healthy perspectives, and healthy self-image. At Friday’s group she would introduce coping skills.

One project she worked on with the clients was making one’s own Papier Mache Mask which was an ongoing art activity. “The first part of the task is about practicing mindfulness using their senses/sensory. The second part focuses on self-image and client empowering components” she explained. With her Monday group she had the clients create artist trading cards (ATC). “The ATC has different components that are beneficial to our clients. One of the most valuable components is establishing a sense of belonging. Since the ATC has a large community of people who share the same interest (creating), engaging in the community by trading cards can be helpful. Creating and trading-away portions of the ATC builds a healthy attachment and practices letting-go components.”

During Sunny’s time here, her favorite take away from this internship was working with the clients. She mentioned some of the clients were a little hesitant to explore what art therapy truly is, but non the less they made her feel welcomed. She is truly passionate about art therapy and the empowering/ healing component it brings to individuals in recovery. We are lucky to have had her with us to facilitate these wonderful classes for the men.
Birdland Community Heroes
In honor of Military Appreciation month, Sarah Walsh was selected as a Birdland Community Hero. Sarah is a frequent volunteer for The Baltimore Station. She raises funds for our annual events and helps to recruit volunteers. She is always the first to step up and lend a hand. Over the years, she has helped to raise thousands of dollars for The Baltimore Station. Sarah and The Baltimore Station were recently honored during a game at Camden Yards.