May 2022
A True Homerun for Recovery
The Baltimore Station's 30th Annual Homerun for Recovery was an absolute success! There's nothing better than a Saturday night featuring good food, refreshing drinks, raffles, baskets, cornhole, and the Oriole Bird, all supporting our mission. Guests participated in our traditional silent auction and Fund-a-Need, plus we had some new surprises, with opportunities for everyone to give back and create fun memories.

This year we partnered with Jewels with a Purpose -- purchase a mystery bag and open it to discover fine jewelry for you or a loved one with a portion of the sales directly supporting The Baltimore Station and the men we serve.

Speaking of the men we serve, five clients from the program came out to say thank you to attendees and enjoy a night out, seeing first-hand the love and support offered by their community.

Homerun for Recovery raised a total of $118,530, all of which goes directly towards continuing our mission here at The Baltimore Station. A huge thank you to all our sponsors, volunteers, and attendees. It is through your dedication and generosity that we are able to turn lives around!
Men at Camp Puh'tok
Twice a year, the men at The Baltimore Station visit Camp Puh’tok in Monkton, Maryland to get away from the business of the city and retreat to the woods for some outdoor therapy. This May, the men spent three days participating in archery, petting horses, ziplining, and of course cooking over the campfire. Their daily groups still took place, just in a different environment. The men continued their work on brotherhood, communication, self-sufficiency, and finding different ways to enjoy life.

Camp Puh’tok also gives our staff the opportunity to continue their hard work in a new environment. From cooks to case managers, the staff that accompanied the men plan for this new environment for weeks, even months in advance. Our new cooks Patricia and Marie were so excited about cooking in a new kitchen!

As everyone returned to The Baltimore Station, we asked what some of their favorite experiences were. Some enjoyed the archery best while others appreciated the beautiful flora and fauna, using art skills they have practiced over the years to paint the scenery. But all agreed, it was just good to get away from the city noise and enjoy the peace brought by the trees. One client said, “It was good to hear the crickets again,” being grateful for the opportunity to hear nature ruling the space around them.
The Impact of Music
“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”
Bob Marley

Music is an element of the world that almost anyone can relate to; we hear a song in a special moment and years later can remember everything we felt at the time flood back. We can use music to heal from the traumas of our past as well, listening to songs and discussing the effect they had on our souls is an impactful way to unlock the feelings we often hold in. The Baltimore Station is working with Annapolis Music Therapy Services and other licensed music therapists like Jason Baker from Towson University to help the men in our program overcome their struggles and to see the world differently. 

As defined by Cleveland Clinic, music therapy is “the clinical use of music to accomplish individualized goals such as reducing stress, improving mood and self-expression.” Because music is so easy to connect with, it can help people of many different backgrounds, including the population we work with -- those who have been in the military, those dealing with mental health struggles, substance abusers, etc. (Cleveland Clinic). Our partnership with music therapists and performers has had a profound effect on the recovery and growth of the men in our program. 

As a part of the daily groups our men are offered, we have two weekly sessions of music therapy -- community music therapy and drumming circles. We are fortunate to host musicians from across the country who perform for the men about once a month from the Our Joyful Noise Baltimore concert series. As May is Mental Health Awareness month, we reflect on how grateful we are to welcome music into the hearts of our men as a therapeutic resource. 

“Music Therapy: What Is It, Types, and Treatment.” Cleveland Clinic,
Taking Charge of Your Own Road to Recovery
Here at The Baltimore Station, our goal is to turn lives around. That starts with men regularly attending our group therapy programs and taking pride in their chores that help to keep The Station clean and are a part of daily life. As the men become more confident in their goals, this leads to possibly getting a job and/or reconnecting to the community. Eventually, we hope to see the men take initiative to start their own betterment projects as it shows they have gained the skills and confidence to take control of their own lives once again. As an organization, we have seen many changes through the years, often client-lead. Here are a few projects in the works in which men are leading the charge:

Independent Art Projects:
From pencils to paint, wood burning to photography, many of our men have found therapy in some form of art and are using skills they are learning to better their souls and relax their minds.
Keeping Up with Current Events:
Most of the men in our program have a military background so it’s not surprising that they are interested in current events. This month our first Current Events Club started, made up of residents who choose to get up early and read through the newspaper articles together discussing different topics going on in the world. Following the events in Ukraine has inspired the men to work together to collect $200 and donate it to The Red Cross to help with Ukrainian relief efforts. Their way of giving back to the community.

Town Hall:
As the men at The Baltimore Station change, we must adapt our practices to best meet everyone’s needs. At their suggestion, we started a monthly Town Hall. Members from each department meet with any clients who wish to participate. We hope to create better lines of communication so everyone feels heard and those making decisions know how effective those decisions are. Suggestions are made, requests are proposed, and real change is happening.
A Thank You to Jimmy's Seafood
A huge THANK YOU to Mike Cornblatt and the rest of the team at Jimmy’s Famous Seafood for hosting an amazing dinner with wine pairings to help raise money for The Baltimore Station.

Guests enjoyed live music and four courses, each paired with a unique wine that best accented the flavors in each dish. Raw oysters, delicious crab cakes, juicy lambchops, and an assortment of desserts were all enjoyed. We look forward to continuing this partnership in the future!
What's Coming Up?
DATE: Sunday, June 26 | 1:00 - 4:00pm
LOCATION: Old Line Spirits | 200 S Janney Street, Baltimore
Guests will walk away with a bottle of their favorite whiskey that they personally filled and packaged.
Drive-In Movie Night Featuring Jumanji
DATE: Thursday, August 18 | 7:00pm
LOCATION: Bengie’s Drive-In Theatre
3417 Eastern Blvd, Middle River
Enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere, drinks, snacks, and the movie Jumanji from the comfort of your car.
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