St John the Evangelist Parish
May 9, 2018
Stations of the Cross

Stations of the Cross, which are held on the second Wednesday of the month, resume on May 9th at 7pm in the church. 
Contact Jim Russell at for more information or if you would like to help.
Congratulations to the 60 children who celebrated their First Communion the first weekend of May! We are so proud of you all! I want to thank all those who helped with their preparation: Sheila Connolly, Telia Oines, Pat Hendrickson, Teresa Willson, and Emily Connolly. Thank you also to Luke Willson, Barbara Folger, and Kristin Kent for helping at the masses and with the after-mass receptions. And of course, thank you to Father Crispin!
Thank you  to the 79 families who have pledged $26,925 to the Annual Catholic Appeal. We need every household to participate in some way in this year's Appeal. If you cannot send a donation this year please return your card with a prayer for the success of this year's ACA. Fr. Crispin will be mailing another letter to those who we haven't heard from by May 15 - We hope to hear from you soon!
* Donate Online with credit/debit/direct bank withdrawal -
* Pledge Only - submit your pledge (through the pledge card, envelope or online) and you will be sent
monthly reminders.
* Cash or Check - make checks payable to Annual Catholic Appeal.
* Donate Stock - call 800-422-5417 for broker instructions.
* Donate through your IRA - contact your IRA administrator and have your gift sent directly to the ACA.
Office, 710 9th Ave, Seattle WA 98104 - include your name, ACA ID# and the parish you want the gift  credit to go to.
* Payroll Deduction - some employers offer this option - check with yours.

Have you seen this year's video yet? Take a look -
Young Adults!
  Are you in the 21 - early 30s age range?  Are you looking for a way to connect with people your age to talk about life and faith and to have some fun too?  St. John Parish needs your input!  We're collecting ideas for, and gauging interest in, a Young Adult ministry.  Think "Theology on Tap" and such.  Please email Kristin Kent ( ) if you are interested, have suggestions, or would just like to be in the loop.
Everyone is invited to buy Brown Bear Car Wash Tickets -
$7 each. $5.50 goes directly to St. John School.
You can email or look for the 6th graders on the playground on Tuesdays and Fridays throughout May (not May 18), 2:45-3:15pm.
Thank you for supporting St. John School!
CYO Soccer & Cross Country Registration Open:
Cross Country and Soccer Registration is now open for the fall season for kids PreK to 8th grade. CYO is a parish activity that is open to anyone in the parish, as well as, the school.  For more information and to register visit our CYO page here.
These programs are a great value that allow children exposure to various life lessons, friendly competition, and a chance to play and learn in a nurturing community. Refunds will be provided to anyone for any reason if requested by September 9th.  Scholarship are available inquire  here.  Register today and see you on the pitch and trail soon!
N Seattle Catholic Youth
  • MIDDLE SCHOOL SUMMER MISSION TRIP - Youth Migrant Project, (August 19-24)
  • NEEDED:  Middle School & High School Small Group Leaders for the 2018-19 school year.

Click here for more information on all of these events.

Contact Kate Brown, Youth Ministry Director with any questions - kate@nseattlecatholic or  206-488-5970.
After our Year of Prayer in 2016, Fr. Crispin mentioned a few times the idea that he would like to have a Year of Action.  I was reminded of this recently, and in thinking about what it would mean to have a Year of Action, I looked back over my nuggets from a very good book by Joe Paprocki titled A Church on the Move: 52 Ways to Get Mission and Mercy in Motion.  Came across this particular nugget, and was struck by it:
"...if they were asked to give an overview of the Catholic faith to someone, they would receive a satisfactory grade if they recited the creed, described the seven sacraments, named the Ten Commandments, and said the Lord's Prayer."
I'm embarrassed to admit that I fumbled a fair amount in taking this little quiz.  You know how there are songs you can sing along with on the radio, but without the music, it's hard to recall all the words?  That's the way I am with the creed.  This should be basic for a Catholic, right?  It starts out "I believe..."  We should be able to say what we believe.  But, without the "music", or my little rosary wallet card, my recitation is pretty lackluster.  The sacraments were easy.  I was counting on my fingers to get all the commandments.  Fortunately, I finished strong with the Our Father :-)
Anyway, I resolved to commit the creed to memory.  Join me if you like.  It's good to be able to say what we believe.

If you have prayer nuggets you'd like to share with the parish, email Bill Marty,  Thanks!
Saint of the Month
Saint Thomas More
Feast Day: June 22
(1478 -  1535)
Canonized: Pope Pius XI (1935)

Each month a portrait of the Saint of the Month is displayed in the church in one of the south side shrines.  You are welcome to spend some time reflecting on the life of the Saint and praying for their intercessions.