Hello Community!

In times filled with so much confusion and noise, I am grounded by facts and figures. Statistics help us frame complicated questions, like one I’m often asked, “What does Glasser/Schoenbaum do for the community?”

This year's updated facts and figures tell our unique story and we're thrilled to share our campus's impact with you. Take a look

And we have some sad news to report. Less than two weeks ago, our hearts said goodbye to Lifetime Board Member, Robert (Bob) Coppenrath. His commitment to our mission extended over a 12-year period and his impact is immense. A renaissance man and humanitarian, he lives on in his enduring direction of our mission, and in his vibrant artwork that hangs on our walls. Read more about him at the bottom of this letter. Rest well my friend, you are already dearly missed.
Dr. Kameron P. Hodgens
Executive Director & CEO
1. Nonprofit Sustainability
Shapiro Grant
The Shapiro Memorial Grant allows each of our tenant partners up to $1000 in a given year for any mission-related expense they choose.

CenterPlace Health recently used the grant to purchase two new hemoglobin analyzers to replace an older machine. The analyzers are used to detect anemia both in the children and pregnant women they care for.
Andrea Lane
View from the Front Desk
Where there are high ceilings, there is also bound to be dust and burned-out bulbs. That is why this month, Glasser/Schoenbaum maintenance staff purchased this 20-foot A-frame ladder.

"When they brought it into the lobby, I thought, Holy Cow! This is the biggest ladder I've ever seen, and I'm glad I'm not the one who will be climbing to the top of it," remarked Andrea Lane, Receptionist & Administrative Assistant.

It may not be everyone's dream to climb the highest heights, but we're grateful to our maintenance staff for always making sure our buildings are functioning and pleasant to see. Their work ensures our agencies can focus on serving our community.
2. Campus Connection
Agency Spotlight
If you are pregnant or care for an infant, Healthy Start of Sarasota has your back. We've been so impressed to see how they have gone to work during the pandemic to provide resources to those who need it, using all means at their disposal, including a diaper pickup out of their Executive Director's garage!

Read this Q&A from their board member, Dr. Washington Hill, about pregnancy and coronavirus. And you can attend their free Lunch and Learn series on this subject and more.
GlasserPassports - Epilepsy Services of Southwest Florida
This month, staff on the Glasser/Schoenbaum campus met over Zoom to engage in the first virtual GlasserPassports. The event offers agencies a chance to better understand what their neighbors need and what they have to offer, paving the way for collaborations between missions.

Epilepsy Services of Southwest Florida provided excellent insight into their programs, and into the seizure disorder itself.

We are thankful to Gulf Coast Community Foundation for sponsoring and supporting such an important program for collaboration.
3. Community Resources and Leadership
Bank of America Donating Masks to Nonprofits
We received 50,000 masks from Bank of America to fill the gap for nonprofits that are unable to distribute them to clients they serve, including Friendship Centers, JFCS of the Suncoast, and Salvation Army of Sarasota. Across Sarasota-Manatee, the bank is partnering with local organizations to provide 142,000 masks. This donation is part of a nationwide effort by the company to immediately distribute millions of PPE masks to communities disproportionately impacted by the coronavirus.
Community Alliance - Annual Legislative Summit
Each year, the Community Alliance’s Legislative Advocacy Committee asks the members of the Community Alliance to submit their issues to the committee for review.

This process culminates at the annual Legislative Summit, where the issues are presented to the broader community.

This event is free and open to the public. More information about this event is available on our website. Or, you can register here.
Season of Sharing
Requests for these emergency funds, provided by the Community Foundation of Sarasota County, continue for needs that:
  • are time sensitive
  • do not qualify for CARES funding
  • qualify in part for federal assistance

As a Fiscal Agent for this special fund, Glasser/Schoenbaum processes roughly 1/3 of the annual Season of Sharing budget. For more information about this program, click here.
Birds Eye View
"Why I Give" - Isabel Anchin Becker
Since 2018, Isabel Anchin Becker has served on four event committees for the Center. She has been a Glasser/Schoenbaum champion, inviting friends and family to learn more about the Center, even lending her design talent as a fabric artist to help create appealing graphics.

Why does she give? "It is such a unique concept affecting so many people’s lives and is contained in such an accessible place. A lot of good is done there!"

Isabel, congratulations on making a difference in the lives of so many. We are grateful for all you do.
Catalist for Change
Incorporating philanthropy into your business model is not a requirement for a well-run enterprise. But when David Crawford started Catalist Realty, he decided to bake it into his mission.

“Our goal is to offer a new unrestricted funding stream to local non-profits and ensure that donations are made on a transactional level so that as we scale, so does our level of giving.” – David Crawford, Broker/Owner, Catalist Realty

Thank you, Catalist Realty, for supporting Glasser/Schoenbaum and so many other nonprofits in our area.
Sharing Innovation
In October, staff at the Center attended the annual conference of the Nonprofit Centers Network, a professional association of nonprofit centers throughout North America.

The event was held over two days via Zoom, and included breakout sessions with other centers in our region. In addition to hearing about ideas, best practices, and case studies, we were able to make important connections to ensure we are serving our community with all of the best innovation.
On October 22nd, we lost our Lifetime Board Member, Robert Coppenrath. Bob was a part of our board from 2008 until his passing, served as Board President at one time, and always had a kind and encouraging word for those around him. He is remembered fondly by the board and staff here at Glasser/Schoenbaum as a brilliant, generous, and funny man. We will miss him terribly.

We are honored to have recently received a statue from him, which will now be a part of our Serenity Garden, according to his wishes.

"I wish to express my heartfelt condolences to Bob's entire family; I will miss his incredible sense of humor; I will miss seeing his smile light up his face when I entered the dining room at the Field Club before bridge games on Fridays; I will miss sitting across from him at the Glasser/Schoenbaum's Board meetings, and hearing his wise comments and insights. I will miss speaking French with him; I owe him my joining the Glasser/Schoenbaum Board, and will be forever grateful for his trust in me." - Renee Hamad, Board Member

"Bob was a truly Renaissance man, with expertise in philosophy, language, the arts, bridge and business as a world spanning executive. He was a generous soul with his time, expertise and interests in helping make a better world through his organizational and personal skills." - Bruce Zeitlin, Board Member

"RAMC were his initials and also his pen name... Gerardus Ramc...Now it's time to say goodbye my friend, but even in death RAMC will continue to live on in our hearts." - John Kidd, Board Secretary

Bob, we will think of you whenever we are in the garden. We are grateful for the time, treasure and talent you shared with us. Your legacy of compassion lives on.

With love, from the Glasser/Schoenbaum board and staff.