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Statistics are like bikinis...
Dear ,

Everyone knows that a one-piece bathing suit covers what's vital from view but a string bikini unveils the obvious with its thong literally leading the observer to an endpoint (pun intended)!

Bikinis are like statistics and....

Statistics are important in aesthetics. They help us understand trends and patterns and statistics guide us to make predictions about the future. (Yes, we're feeling cheeky!)

Here are some important statistically-based takeaways derived from data accumulated by BeautyEngine:


  • 80% of respondents noted gender was not a factor in their selection of a provider but 59% wanted to see patients of a similar background to their own in the doctor's photo gallery
  • 75% said they were more likely to follow their doctor's advice over friends', family's and influencers' when selecting a product, treatment or procedure.
  • In choosing a physician, 56% cited patient reviews and 46% noted before-and-after results as important factors in their decision (Surprisingly, only 11.6% mentioned social media presence)
  • 87% desired video content on a provider's website
  • 80% mentioned that the operating facility was an important consideration to them


  • 73% of respondents declared Instagram as their main source of information for plastic surgery and dermatology
  • 63% of people were very likely or likely to give a word-of-mouth referral after having a positive experience with a treatment or procedure


  • 71% preferred to communicate via text (75% of those aged 45-55 & 73% of those aged 25-34)
  • 67% favor scheduling visits online or through an app
  • 66% said that physician poor bedside manner was the single biggest turn-off
  • 47% noted too little time with the doctor as a reason to go elsewhere

If you're like us, you might look forward to reviewing the newest statistics in aesthetics more than renewing your commitment to your goals and resolutions each New Year. Probably, because it's more fun! And, as Aaron Levenson, Professor of Business at Baruch College famously said, "Statistics are like bikinis. What they reveal is interesting but what they hide is vital."

We wish you a happy, healthy and beautiful 2023 and we encourage you to embrace the opportunity to focus on personal growth and self-improvement, and to remember to be kind to yourself along the way.
Beauty is an external reflection of your internal health and wellness. Dr. Yagoda believes in and promotes an integrative approach to help you feel and look your best. She is committed to educating and empowering you by providing you with outstanding care, compassion and surgical expertise along with expert health, wellness, safety and beauty advice, goods and services. There is good reason that Dr. Yagoda is the one other doctors have chosen over the last 25 years and continue to choose when they want the very best.

Call us at 212.434.1210 or email us at info@DrYagoda.com to schedule your in-person or telemedicine consultation. 
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