Statue of Nuada - Landmark
This Neoclassical statue of a mythic figure honors the region’s large Irish community. Henry O’Neill, an Irish sculptor, presented this statue as a gift to the Irish community of Bradford in honor of the assistance they provided in his work gathering folklore. It remains a popular, local landmark.
Soon after its emplacement, the statue was defaced, and local toughs secretly took revenge on those responsible. The statue acquired a reputation for laying curses on those who harmed it, leading everyone to leave it alone. These stories have faded from the popular mind as the population of Old Bradford has changed in the past century and are now known only to specialists in local customs and magic. Meanwhile, the statue itself has become a popular landmark in the district. Many of Old Bradford’s businesses and restaurants use it in logos or other images in various ways, and it appears on various Old Bradford Walking Heritage Tour Maps.
The statue bears the date "1897" and its motto: "A great man does not look back at the deeds he has done, but rather to the future and what he may do," in Erse Gaelic and English.