Status Update as of 9/27/2020

As of Tuesday Sept 22nd, 2020, SLO County shifted to the Red (Substantial) Tier from the Purple (Widespread) Tier. With this shift, many business sectors were cleared to reopen with varying capacity levels and modifications. The Gym and Fitness Studio Sector was one of them. However, at this time we will continue with our in-person outdoor classes, virtual classes and training, and equipment rentals. Our indoor operations will not resume at the moment for the following reasons:

  • Outdoor, socially distanced exercise remains the safest option for group activities. While the weather permits, this will give us the safest way to engage the most class participants.
  • Although we are permitted to reopen, we are restricted by the state order to limit attendance to 10% of building code capacity. Such limited capacity prevents us from reopening without operating at a financial loss. In our main group exercise studio, we would be permitted to have 3 participants and 1 instructor to remain at 10%. Since our outdoor classes have had much higher attendance that 3, we want to still be able to see as many of you as possible, and see your smiling faces instead of masks.
  • We have little to no confidence that our county will maintain the Red Tier. Our Daily Active cases rose 32.1% from 9/17 to 9/25 (circled in red on graph). Due to the way the state monitors data for changing tiers (7 day avg. lagging by 7 days), our realtime numbers began climbing prior to our reclassification.

  • Additionally, so far with the second reopening, it seems many community members did not learn from the failings of the first reopening. One lesson from the first reopening was that the Mandatory Face Covering Mandate should have preceded any reopening. This time the Face Covering Mandate is still in place, yet many people continue to ignore and/or politicize this public health guidance. This creates a health risk and also delays the continued reopening of our economy. If you would like to see a prime example of this behavior from this weekend CLICK HERE. This video of students behaving badly should anger every person in our county because it puts in jeopardy all the progress our county made at the end of August and early September. The students are not the only problem. Sadly, there are many within our own local fitness industry who are not following safe practices and Face Cover Mandates.

As a reminder, if you are indoors (in a gym or anywhere else) you must wear a face covering, with very few exceptions.
The image below is taken directly from the State Facial Covering Ordinance on EmergencySLO.org
Our city permit to continue park classes has been extended through the month of October. You can find our Outdoor Class Schedule below.
You can still find our live virtual classes on Instagram (@eqclubs) every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, in addition to a curated library of IGTV workout videos available at all times.
Though businesses are able to operation differently now, the virus operates exactly the same. There are four very simple steps to limit the spread of coronavirus. These steps are not an obstacle to reopening the economy; they are the direct path to reopening the economy prior to a viable vaccine.

  1. Wear a face covering when around others.
  2. Practice physical distancing
  3. Wash and/or sanitize your hands frequently
  4. Limit close interactions with people out of your household

We want to thank all of you standing with us in prioritizing the health of our community. Thank you for continuing to be part of our Equilibrium family by engaging in all that we are able to offer at this time. It is your support that allows us to keep providing both virtual content and outdoor options, and it is the community that we have built that keeps us working hard to continue to adapt during this challenging time.

Stay well and stay active,

David & Brittany Pomfret

Equilibrium Fitness for Women
805.541.1100 info@eqclubs.com