Statutory Recording Requirements
March 23, 2020
To:  All Missouri agents
Re:  Statutory recording requirements

Please see below the following message from the Department of Commerce and Insurance.
The Department of Commerce and Insurance has received concerns regarding the closure or limited access to county Recorder of Deeds offices due to COVID-19. 
Recommendations to comply with the recording requirement pursuant to Section 381.026.1, RSMo:
1.    Document the file with a copy/picture of the postmarked envelope sent to the County Recorder of Deeds.

2.    Document the file with a receipt for overnight delivery to the County Recorder of Deeds.

3.    The person that hand delivered documents to the County Recorder of Deeds should document the file with a signature and date the task was performed.
If you have any questions about these procedures, please contact your Agents National Title Insurance Underwriter.
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