Mar 2018
Ahead of the Curve &
Exceeding Expectations

More From the 2018 International Builder Show 

Multi-family growth continues to stay on the rise. Exceed consumers expectations to stay ahead of the competition with these innovative ideas...

App Based Smart Home
  • Locks – Latch
  • The ultimate digital system for managing access to every door in a multi-family building. Seamless, simple management, automated deliveries and access sharing for trusted people.
  • Comfort Control – Sensi
  • Cost effective system for controlling thermostats from an app.
  • When tenants move out, system is automatically updated – adjusts temperature to a temporary vacant status.
  • Concierge – Verizon
  • Verizon Concierge is a service suite that provides 24/7 access to property-specific news, calendars, amenities and services.
Touch-less Interactive Screen - PointScreen™ 
  • Great tool for sales centers.
  • Displays community activities.
  • Interactive communication enables the use of gestures for real-time navigation and interaction. It's cost-effective and easy to maintain, with design flexibility.
Modern Conveniences

  • Include bike storage, valet and repair stations (can be rental space/tools).
  • Use Zagster - a bike sharing service that tenants can use when needed.
Amazon Packages
  • Don't forget to have a safe and secure location to leave packages when tenants aren't home.
Public Refrigerator
  • Online grocery shopping is becoming more popular - especially in cities.
  • Public refrigerator allows for groceries to be delivered.
Uber & Lyft
  • Millennials are not using their own cars; cheaper to use a car share service.
  • Design a lounge for residents to wait for these services, should be sheltered from the elements but not part of Lobby.
Upgraded Fitness

Multi-functional Spaces
  • Allows a variety of activities to be planned - Yoga, spin, kick boxing, CrossFit, or Zumba classes are a few examples.
Outdoor Exercise
  • Get some fresh air by creating exercise spaces outdoors - or an indoor space with a garage door that opens to let fresh air in.
  • Yoga pavilions.
On Demand Fitness Rooms
  • Smaller rooms about every 5 floors in a large complex with a TV for On Demand fitness classes are becoming popular.
Indoor Surfing
  • "Surfset" is a fun, new cardio workout that's inspired by surfing and you don't need to be near the beach to do it!
Perfect Outdoor Amenities

Fire Pits
  • Highly demanded and makes for a cozy recreational space for residents to enjoy the outdoors.
Cold plunge pools
  • More popular than hot tubs now because of proven health benefits of immersing body in very cold water following exercise, sports, or exposure to high temperatures.
  • The popularity of the plunge pool speaks volumes for its effect on a person’s feeling of general well being.
  • Including volleyball, corn hole, ping pong or shuffleboard is key
  • A jumbo-tron next to a game court with a BBQ station and hammocks –the making for a perfect Millennials hang out!
  • Outdoor scrabble is great for friendly competition!

Feel free to contact us about implementing these new design features into your next commercial space!

Phyllis, Johanna & Kate
ICI Model Home Marketing Team
Interior Concepts, Inc.