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Preventing turnover of critical employees is vital to sustaining the integrity of an organization.  

This article explores the strategy of "stay interviews" and how companies may implement them to increase retention.   We hope you find it helpful and as always we appreciate any feedback.

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Decrease Turnover: Staying Ahead with Stay Interviews
Building on our article last month about  Job Hoppers, companies have the opportunity to decrease turnover by implementing the valuable practice of the "Stay Interview" with current employees.  This is certainly not a brand-new concept, but the current employment climate has forced companies to consider its relevance in the war for talent.

Today, the average person changes jobs 12 times during their lifetime; meaning an employee is likely to jump ship every 2-5 years.  That means companies are constantly hiring and rehiring and rehiring for the same positon leading to frustration and drained resources.   Many times managers feel blindsided when someone quits and wish they could go back and "fix" the problem that led up to the departure.  The truth usually comes out during the exit interview, but it is too late then to save that employee and so starts the new hire process all over again costing companies valuable time and resources.

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