Stay Strong, Stay Connected!
Our thoughts are with all the MTM-CNM families who have been impacted by the recent weather events throughout the country and beyond.  Please let us know if there are ways that we can be of assistance while you recover your homes and resume your life routines.  We are here for the community and can help assist with accessing resources that may be needed.

In this brief newsletter we invite you all to help us in our continuing mission of connecting families to Research, Resources, and Relationships...
The 2018 Retreat Interest Survey is open for your input!  

We'd love your thoughts and ideas for the 2018 MTM-CNM "Mom's/Women's Retreat" and "Dad's/Men's Retreat" MTM-CNM Family Connection plans to host in the coming year.   Please fill out this brief MTM-CNM Retreats Interest Survey and share your input.   Thanks in advance for your ideas and suggestions! Can't wait to get together in 2018.
Happening Now: Global Genes Rare Patient Advocacy Summit

We are excited that members of  MTM-CNM Family Connection  are attending this year's  RARE Patient Advocacy Summit  hosted by  Global Genes  this week in Irvine, CA! MTM-CNM Family Connection is a proud member of the Global Genes Foundation Alliance. The Summit is a great opportunity for all patients and family members interested in patient advocacy to connect with other rare disease organizations and hear the latest on advocacy efforts. While in Irvine, CA, we would love to connect with all MTM-CNM families and friends in the area this week! In 2016, we met with families over brunch on Saturday morning. We are planning to do the same this Saturday at 10:00 am at Hotel Irvine. We'd love to see you! Message Erin or Marie, or email  if you can make it!
LiveStream the Global Genes Summit

The Global Genes RARE Patient Advocacy Summit will be available to view via livestream Sept 14th & 15th.  See the link below to find out how to register.
Plus join in the conversation at the Summit and ask questions via their mobile app! 
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