June  2017

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We've Moved! 
New MSA Headquarters Address:
11130 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 350
Reston, Virginia 20191
MSA's 75th Anniversary Meeting
A President's Blog:
75th Anniversary Meeting Special!

I am dedicating my May blog to highlighting MSA's 75th anniversary meeting, Microscopy & Microanalysis 2017. The June 26th early registration deadline is fast approaching, and space in two of the meeting's bloc hotels is fully booked. We have recently contracted additional space in the Magnolia Hotel adjacent to the Convention Center to increase the space available to meeting attendees. Please join us in celebrating this historic meeting! Read more here.

Microscopy & Microanalysis 2017 Meeting
Join us in celebrating the historic 75th anniversary of MSA!

We are rapidly approaching the June 26 early registration deadline for M&M 2017, to be held August 6-10, 2017 in St. Louis, Missouri. Please join us in celebrating  75 years as a Society!

M&M 2017 will feature special anniversary content:

* A Saturday Pre-Meeting Congress organized by the new MSA Student Council

* Anniversary lectures by pioneering figures in microscopy and microanalysis

* Highlights of MSA history via displays and slide shows of historical photos

Also: must-see plenary lectures by Nobel Prize winner  Eric Betzig and LIGO  collaborator  Keith Riles !

Don't miss out on attending this historic meeting! REGISTER NOW!

Science News
  The MSA Facebook page   regularly posts science news for you

Physicists Got Their First Look at the Bond that Holds Most of Our Universe Together
Swiss and Japanese physicists have finally observed hydrogen bonding for the first time. This development will allow us to understand one of nature's most basic elements, as well as the structures that result from hydrogen bonds, including our own DNA.   Read more  here.           
Researchers Combine Two Advanced Fluorescence Microscopy Techniques
Is it possible to watch at the level of single cells how fish embryos become trout, carp or salmon? Researchers at Goethe University Frankfurt have successfully combined two very advanced fluorescence microscopy techniques. The new high-resolution light microscope permits fascinating insights into a cell's interior. Read more    here.  
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Association News

MSA News Header
A Letter from MSA Update's Editor
As editor of the MSA Update, I hope to focus the Update on a breadth of topics relevant to scientists, technicians, practitioners, observers, politicians, and enthusiasts interested in microscopy and microanalysis. I hope that the Update can be a snapshot of emerging developments and ongoing activities within our community-which is rightly positioned at the forefront of physical and biological exploration and technology. This is, of course, hopelessly optimistic, considering the broad nature of our work, and the limitations of HTML-based email communication. Nevertheless, as Editor, I aim to pique the interest and satisfy the intellect of the Update's readership by sharing the latest in science, technology, policy, society, and curiosity related to microscopy and microanalysis. 

Please consider this note a personal introduction, a public 'Thank you for this opportunity to the MSA leadership, and an open invitation to contribute your perspectives the MSA Update (my email inbox is always accepting submissions).

Wishing you the best,

Will Bowman

P.S. Join us in St. Louis, Missouri on Saturday, August 5th for the Inaugural Pre-Meeting Congress for Students and Early-Career Professionals in Microscopy and Microanalysis (www.microscopy.org/students/x60.cfm)

Nominations for the 2018 Class of MSA Fellows to Open July 1!  
The designation "MSA Fellow is intended to recognize those who have been conferred the Society's Distinguished Scientist Awards, as well as senior distinguished members of the Society who have made significant contributions to the advancement of the field of microscopy and microanalysis through a combination of scientific achievement and service to the scientific community and the Society itself.

The nomination period is set to open July 1 and will close on September 30. A notice will be sent out when the nomination page is ready to receive applications.

MSA to Discontinue Society 800 Number
The Society will be discontinuing its 800 number once its current contract runs out on June 30. Most members can call the MSA office at the regular telephone number, 703-234-4115, without incurring long distance charges (e.g, via cell phone). Alternatively, members wishing to speak to an MSA Staff Member by telephone can e-mail the office at AssociationManagement@microscopy.org with a short message and call-back number. Please let us know if you have any concerns about this change.
M&M 2017 Meeting

  The X60 Inaugural PMC Program is here! 

Check out the link to view the full X60 Inaugural PMC schedule:

The program guide i ncludes: 

Plenary Sessions
Poster Sessions
Career Development Luncheon
Technical Sessions (Biological/Physical)

There are many events this year for students and young professionals. All of these events are highlighted in the M&M 2017 At-A-Glance portion of the PMC Program.

Thank you sponsors for all of your support!

Share your experiences, join chat forums and network through the StC Social Media links:
For more information about other student activities visit the 
Students tab at http://microscopy.org

Local Affiliated Societies
Local Affiliated Societies News
by Bev Maleeff, LAS Director

MSA's Local Affiliated Societies provide networking and outreach opportunities for the microscopy community. The list of LAS can be found on the LAS community page at http://microscopy.org/communities/local.cfm.

LAS/AReS Breakfast Meeting at M&M 2017
The annual LAS/AReS breakfast meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 8 at 7:15 AM (room TBA). Invitations will be sent to the LAS Presidents of record in late June. Please check the LAS community page to ensure that the correct President is listed for your LAS.

PLEASE NOTE: The MAS 50th Anniversary lecture "Microanalysis: What is it, Where Did it Come From, and Where is it Going?" presented by Dale Newbury, is scheduled from 7:30-8:30AM on Tuesday, August 8, i.e., at the same time as the meeting.
Election of the new LAS Director will take place during the meeting, so if you are the designated representative from your LAS and you want to attend the lecture, please appoint a proxy to attend the LAS/AReS meeting and cast a vote in your place. Every vote counts!

LAS Meetings
The Winter-Spring 2017 meeting season is over. I heard reports of very successful meetings!

Here is a preliminary list of Fall 2017 LAS meetings:
Sept 27
Iowa Microscopy Society (IMS)
Nov 3
Oklahoma Microscopy Society (OMS)*

Check the individual LAS websites for more details.

If your LAS is planning a meeting, please let me know at least 2 months in advance so I can announce it in an upcoming issue of the MSA Update.

Support your local affiliated society! Invite students & early career scientists & technologists to your LAS meetings. Better yet, bring a new member to your local meeting and get them involved!

LAS Programs
MSA provides LAS support with Tour Speakers, Grants-in-Aid and Special Meeting grants. Details can be found at http://www.microscopy.org/communities/programs.cfm. Funds are still available for Fall 2017. Please contact me as soon as possible if your LAS is interested in applying, and you haven't already received funding this year.

As always, you may contact me at beverly.e.maleeff@gsk.com with comments, questions or concerns.

See you in St. Louis!!

Focused Interest Group 
Focused Interest Group Update
Andrew Vogt, FIG Director

Did you know that there are 11 FIGs that promote a specific discipline to microscopy? Click here to check them out and contact the leader to get more information. If you are interested in joining one or more of them, please complete the membership form. You can also join a FIG when renewing your MSA membership; students may join one FIG at no cost.
Renu Sharma was elected as Co-Chair of the FIG Committee. Please welcome her to that role. 
Two Pre-Meeting Congresses were approved for the 2017 meeting in St. Louis, one organized by the Aberration Corrected Electron Microscopy FIG and one organized by Focused Ion Beam FIG. Requests for a Pre-Meeting Congress in 2018 will be reviewed and approved at the 2017 Winter Council meeting in January.

JobMSA Job Placement Services

Questions? contact: Dave Tomlin (Placement Office Chair) or Bob Dziuban (Association Management)

Would you like your LAS, FIG, or other MSA Program or Committee to be highlighted in the MSA Update? Do you have an interesting article you would like to share for Science News?   Submit today!