January  2018

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M&M 2018

REMINDER - the submission deadline for M&M 2018 in Baltimore is Thursday, February 15, 2018 - just FIVE WEEKS away!

See you in Baltimore!
Science News
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Researcher precisely tracks movements of a single catalyst particle
Credit: Utrecht University Faculty of Science
Using fluorescence microscopy, Ph.D. Candidate Frank Hendriks has studied the accessibility, structure and reactivity of individual catalyst particles. His work has resulted in several technological breakthroughs, as well as two important publications. Hendriks will defend his dissertation in the University Hall on 20 December. Read more here.

Machine learning for microscopy
Zeiss Zen Intellesis, a new machine learning capability that enables researchers to perform advanced analysis of their imaging samples across multiple microscopy methods has been launched. The first algorithmic solution introduced by the platform makes integrated, easy to use, powerful segmentation for 2D and 3D datasets available to the routine microscopy user. The software is available for the company's full range of optical, confocal, X-ray, electron and ion microscopes. Read more  here.                    
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Association News

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Digital Editions of Microscopy Today
Did you know that you can access past issues of Microscopy Today online? You can also view the most cited and most read articles over the past month.

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Student Council Debuts Membership Campaign

MSA Student Council is committed to growing its leadership and membership base. Under direction of Student Council and led by Erica Stevens, Regional Liaison Chair, January kicks off the MSA Student Membership Campaign. Student Council will be showcasing the benefits of MSA Student Membership and sharing success stories from students across the country and abroad. Look for student membership news via email and social media. Take a minute to look at the MSA Student Council Regional Liaison map, connect with your local liaison, and remember to renew your MSA Student Membership! Don't forget to like and follow Student Council on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Meet the Student Council Regional Liaisons - follow their stories on social media!

MSA Student Council is also pleased to announce a new appointment for Region V, Matt Nigro, recent graduate from SUNY Geneseo and attending graduate school in the fall. There is one remaining Student Leadership Position, Region I (AK, OR, WA, ID, MT, WY). Please email Student Council for more information: studentcouncil@microscopy.org.

Region II - Frank Barrows, Northwestern University

Region III - Tim Pegg, Miami University

Region IV - Jason Sardey, Temple University

Region V - Matt Nigro, SUNY Geneseo

Region VI - Kartik Venkatraman, Arizona State University

Region VII- Samantha Brady, University of Missouri-Columbia

Region VIII- Jackson Spurling, University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Region IX- Kemaro Muir, Tuskegee University

Region X - Nhu Trieu, University of New Brunswick


The MSA Student Council (StC) is organizing the 2nd annual Pre-meeting Congress for Students, Postdocs and Early-career Professionals in Microscopy & Microanalysis (PMCx60), to be held on the Saturday preceding M&M 2018 in Baltimore, MD.

The PMCx60 is a one-day conference organized by and for students and early-career professionals, and offers a highly interactive forum for participants to share cutting edge research, network, and engage with peers ahead of the main meeting.

The StC is soliciting financial support from the MSA community, and welcomes corporate sponsorship and donations from individuals/organizations to help build the future of microscopy and microanalysis.

Please consider sponsoring, donating to, and attending the 2018 PMCx60 in Baltimore, MD. To learn about the benefits of being a PMCx60 sponsor, email the StC at studentcouncil@microscopy.org, or donate to the PMCx60 via the MSA donation page ( microscopy.org/donation, include "PMCx60" in the "Donation Made by:" field).

For event details visit www.microscopy.org/MandM/2018/program/congress_X60.cfm, and check out our final program from 2017 at www.microscopy.org/docs/Program_PMCRadMM2017.pdf .
Focused Interest Group 
Focused Interest Group Update
Andrew Vogt, FIG Director

Did you know that there are 11 FIGs that promote a specific discipline to microscopy? Click here to check them out and contact the leader to get more information. If you are interested in joining one or more of them, please complete the membership form. You can also join a FIG when renewing your MSA membership; students may join one FIG at no cost.

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