"Lord make me an instrument of your peace, where there is hatred, let me sow love."
-St. Francis of Assisi
In this time of uncertainty, CSSA is here as a resource to keep you connected. We have a challenge before us - to find new creative ways to sustain the bonds of community. It is important now more than ever to think about how we can nurture a spirit of shared responsibility, hope, and be men and women with and for others - everyday.

Explore our new we bsite at https://www.cssaengagecle.org/ to find ways to stay connected, get involved from home, and continue to advocate for social justice. We will be adding new content weekly!
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Reflection of the Week
Challenge of the Week: Read a Children's Book, Contd.
Video record yourself reading a children's story for this service challenge! Be sure to show the pictures and use the video recording to show the book as you read aloud. This can also be done from an iPad or high-quality phone video camera. If you do not have a children's book at home, you can look up a book online and read from your iPad or phone and record yourself using your computer, or have a friend video you on their phone.

Email service@jcu.edu with your video and we will post it on our YouTube Channel and invite our community partners to share with the parents of their students! The children would find much comfort in seeing a familiar face and hearing a kind voice read to them!

Our weekly challenges provide a way for you to stay involved with the community from home. Start your challenge now!
TED Talk of the Week
Watch the TED Talk HERE
The Art of Being Yourself, Presented by Caroline McHugh
"But when you look in a True Mirror you don’t look at yourself, you look for yourself. You look for revelation, not for reassurance. And this was deeply interesting to me because what I do for a living is I help people be themselves. Not in any narcissistic or solipsistic way, but because I believe that social reformation begins — always starts with the individual."
Questions for Reflection:
  • "The only job that is yours on the planet is to be good at being you and not anybody else." What is the unique gift that is yours to bring to the world?
  • "When you are yourself you are fabulous." Who do you think you are? As you look at the true reflection only you see, who are you?
  • What do you expect from life and what does life expect from you?

Pick a question (or two!) and email your reflection to service@jcu.edu
Magis Messages: Anna Masica '19

Your Magis Message for the day comes from Anna Masica, Class of 2019.

"Just because you've left campus, doesn't mean JCU has left you. Reach out to the people you care about, even though you are in different spaces."

Click HERE to view Anna's message!
The Student Relief Fund
As a college student, you can apply for financial assistance through Believe in Students. 

An estimated six million students struggle with basic living expenses, putting them at risk of leaving without degrees. Believe in Students is dedicated to ensuring that all students have their basic needs met so that they can learn and thrive.

Financially affected by COVID-19? Believe in Students will work with you to identify resources and solutions to help. Submit an application HERE

Learn More about Believe in Students HERE
JCU Student Food Pantry is Open
The JCU Student Food Pantry will remain open and available for any student who needs it. Contact the office of Residence Life M-F 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m for the key and they will be happy to provide it. You can contact Residence Life at 216-397-4008 or email jcureslife@jcu.edu .
We are lookling for applicants who embrace the JCU mission of being  men and women for and with others!  As a CSSA representative, Student Liaisons serve as peer service leaders and van drivers as they facilitate a positive service experience for their fellow JCU students.  This paid position allows you to do all this and gain professional experience!

Do you have a good driving record and embrace the JCU mission of being a  "man or woman for others?"  Do you enjoy participating in service and interacting with other students and the community?  You can apply to be a student liaison too!

Responsibilities include:
  • Participating in the service activity
  • Serving as a CSSA ambassador for the community partner
  • Transporting students to and from service sites
  • Ensuring accurate attendance records
  • Providing pertinent information to CSSA staff members
  • Attending mandatory training sessions
  • Facilitating reflection

Click HERE   to read more and apply!
Questions? Contact CSSA a t   service@jcu.edu
Writers in Residence's Letter Writing Initiative
Writers in Residence has launched a letter writing initiative to engage with residents at partner juvenile detention centers in Ohio. This letter writing initiative is a response to COVID-19's disruption to the service program. The cohorts and juvenile detention centers have suspended volunteer services to prevent the spread of the coronavirus but that hasn't prevented the desire to engage with residents, especially during this challenging time. Populations in our society who are disadvantaged are impacted the most, which is exactly why our willingness to serve needs to adapt as we all get through this.

The mission of Writers in Residence is to teach creative writing to youth who are incarcerated in jails and prisons; foster a genuine, long-lasting relationship with residents; and free their voices through the distribution and showcase of their creative writing in our published chapbooks shared with the community.

Click HERE to sign up for the letter writing initiative

Click HERE to learn more about Writers in Residence
University Hospitals 2020-2021 Volunteer Opportunity
The University Hospitals Rainbow Center for Women and Children is looking for volunteers to help with their Rainbow Connects program. This program was developed to address needs such as food insecurity, utility assistance, clothing, baby supplies, etc.

Volunteers will screen patients and families for resource needs and direct them to helpful community resources and when possible, follow up about any additional needs. 

The weekly commitment is 3-4 hours onsite and you must sign up for the full 2020-2021 academic year. JCU transportation will not be provided.

Details to apply:

  • Complete the initial screening application found HERE
  • If invited, the second round will be interviews by University Hospitals Rainbow Center for Women and Children professionals. 
  • If selected for a position during the interview, complete all necessary compliance paperwork and training in order to begin your placement in September 2020.

Questions? Contact CSSA at  service@jcu.edu.
Deadline to apply has been extended!
Intern this summer for the Center for Service and Social Action!

The Center for Service and Social Action has one paid internship opportunity available: 

  • Summer 2020 Intern (1 position)
  • Assist with summer orientation resource fairs, service projects, and special events such as planning the annual Fatima Fun Day and the Community Partner Meeting.
  • 10-15 hours per week.

Applications are due March 27, 2020.
Questions? Contact us at service@jcu.edu
The Varsity Team Service Award
The Varsity Team Service Award  recognizes and celebrates those Varsity Teams who engaged in significant service activities in the community as a team. Each team is eligible to be recognized at the Gold, Silver, or Bronze level based on their team's engagement and commitment to being men and women with and for others.

Criteria for Recognition Include:
  • Breadth of Service - the extent to which each member on the team is involved in one or more service activities.
  • Depth of Service - the extent to which teams committed to cultivating relationships and addressing the needs of a particular organization, deepening the experience over time.
  • Universality - the extent to which all or most members of the team participate and actively engage.
  • Longevity - the extent to which the team culture embraces and sustains a commitment to community engagement as a team over time, year after year.

The winning team will be announced during DIII week in April and will receive a Team Certificate and their name on two perpetual plaques – one to be displayed in the CSSA office and one in the Athletics hallway.

Applications are due on March 31, 2020.

For more information and to submit your team's application, click HERE
Our #MYSERVICESTORY for the week comes from Caroline Bourjaily, a freshman Sociology and Criminology major with minors in Spanish and Political Science from Chicago, IL!
Fun Fact! My favorite job I've ever had is being a barista at Biggby Coffee, right outside of John Carroll's campus. Come visit me next semester!! :)
At which service sites / community partners have you served or been a student liaison?
I have served at Boys Hope Girls Hope in Garfield Heights as a tutor for kids in high schools around the Cleveland area.

"I always knew that service was a huge part of Jesuit schools, but I never knew how much it actually could impact the students' lives. I registered for a theology class this semester, not knowing that it was a service-learning based course until the first week of class. I was a little nervous and not excited; my schedule was already jam packed with 18 credits, a job, a position on student government, and much more. Adding 3-4 hours of service each week wasn't what I was looking to do. But, nonetheless, I honestly just picked the service opportunity that fit best with my schedule, which happened to be at Boys Hope Girls Hope on Monday nights. To my surprise, Mondays became my favorite day of the week. Spending time with the kids at BHGH always brightened my day. We ate dinner together and talked about our days in a normal matter. When it came to tutoring, it wasn't easy to connect with the students. I remember one instance where I was tutoring a young girl who was a freshman in high school. As we finished our Spanish grammar exercises with time to spare, she started showing me videos and pictures of her family and her friends at school. She said that everyday she looks at a selfie of her and her mom, and she thinks about how much she loves her. It was at this point that I realized the young girl had not seen her mom or her younger sister in a few months. Sometimes, I take for granted the time I get to spend back home in Chicago. For instance, at this very moment, I am faced with the fact that I am going to be living at home now for the next five months. Immediately, I begin to miss the freedom I had back on campus. But in four years, I am going to be faced with the idea of living on my own and starting my own life. I don't know how much I will see my parents or two older sisters then. This young girl taught me how important it is to cherish the time you spend with those you love. In her situation, the student couldn't see her family at the ease that I am able to. So, choosing BHGH as my service location taught me one of the most valuable lessons in life, even if I was only able to serve at the site for half a semester. In times like these, it's important to tell people you love them, share a laugh, and even cry together. With the uncertainty of the future, you don't know when you might get the chance to do things like that again. As we dread the next 5 months away from John Carroll, let us not be filled with defeat, but be uplifted by the overwhelming support of our family, friends, and fellow Blue Streaks. Tell someone you love them today!"
Each week  we feature stories of students who have made service a cornerstone of their JCU experience. Complete the form below to show us how you #ServeCLE!
We’ll share your story  on social media and in our weekly e-newsletter. If you’re a CSSA student liaison, you’ll earn points for your mentor group!

Submit your service story at  https://jcu.edu/myservicestory
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