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Stay Healthy @ Home

July 01, 2020
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T wo short years ago, 51 athletes and Unified partners representing South Dakota were in Seattle for the USA Games.

Now more than ever we are missing everyone in our Special Olympics family!

We have made a very special puzzle to commemorate the Seattle Games... enjoy!
Join us on this special Facebook page created to keep you connected with your SOSD staff and friends.

We are 273 members strong! Athletes from all over the state are posting photos and videos of their fitness efforts, healthy eating and much more. Come on... let's stay connected!

Fitness With Coach Mike

Please join Coach Mike on a new day for his Facebook Live fitness classes!

When: Wednesdays
Time: 9:00 am CT (recorded for later viewing)

Other: There is an extensive library of previous fitness classes stored on our Athlete Connection page. Coach Mike suggests you re-visit one of these classes each week.

Sioux Falls Athletes

You are invited to join Coach Mike in a weekly walking club!

When: Sundays
Time: 7:00 pm CT
Location: Meet at the Falls Park Cafe. Wear your mask and enjoy a 30 - 45 minute stroll around Falls Park!

Chat With Chad

Live Zoom chats with everyone who joins!

Wednesdays 10:30 am CT Click to email Chad for your invitation to participate
Stay updated and informed with these simple how to stay healthy stratagies.
Don't miss out on
valuable information!

Click button for all previously
hi-lited and published resources.

Going to the Doctor will probably look a little different these days. No need to worry! This video will help you prepare for some changes.
Class is now in session! This easy-to-use toolkit features cardio, balance and endurance workout videos.
This fitness tracker is SOSD's very own. There are many options out there... just choose one you like best!
Fit 5 gives you tools to introduce 3 simple health practices into your dailyl life:
1.Get some exercis
2.Drink a lot of water
3 Eat healthy foods
The days are getting longer and warmer! This is the perfect time for athletes to practice your softball skills. Coach Mike will walk you through some drills you can practice at home.

Let's play ball!


Check out these Dead Lift, Squat and Bench Press exercises designed specifically for you to complete at home!

We would like to thank Personal Trainer Bandon Gray for putting together this awesome resource!
Not only should we be mindful of our physical health, we need to tend to our emotional health as well.

Don't miss out on valuable information!

Click button for all previously hi-lited and published resources.
Practice your mindfulness by joining our free online stress management group.
During times of added stress, it is important for parents and caregivers to take care of themselves physically and mentally. This short video offers great advice on the subjects of modeling good behavior and taking care or yourself.

Visit our online calendar for event updates!

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