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Better Health: 
At Water-Flo we are doing everything we can to maintain "business as usual" to support our customers and keep you healthy. Our technicians have been instructed to stay home if they have symptoms of any kind. They are taking their temperature before they head out for the day, wearing disposable gloves, washing hands as often as possible, and maintaining the recommended social distance while on the job. If you are not feeling well prior to an appointment, please give us a call and we will reschedule. We appreciate your support of our local business and understanding in this difficult time. Be well!

"Better water, better air, better health"  is Water-Flo's motto and we're here to help you with your water and radon concerns and problems. So much of our health is determined by what we put into our bodies; start with the basics - air and water.
Happy Spring!
Better Water: 
Water-Flo is the Connecticut independent authorized dealer for Kinetico water systems. While we provide and service other brands of water treatment systems too, we represent Kinetico because they provide the best solutions for all sorts of water problems. They also offer the best warrantees in the industry. To find out what solutions Water-Flo has for your water concerns, give us a call or check out the water treatment page on our website by clicking the button below.
Better Air: 
January was Radon Action Month- did you have your home or business tested for radon? While it's recommended to test in the winter, you can test any time. If you're thinking of selling your house, it's a good idea to be proactive and test before listing so that unexpected findings don't delay your transaction. The EPA recommends radon testing on the lowest living level at least every 5 years or if there's a change in your living patterns, such as refinishing the basement. Radon Solutions of CT  is the radon division of Water-Flo; we are an authorized radon testing and radon mitigation company.
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We love to hear from our customers and how we've helped address their concerns or solve their problems. This is one of our most recent testimonials:
"I recently used Water-Flo on a jet pump to submersible pump install. Scott came out and did a professional, clean and thorough job. I love my water pressure!! THANK YOU SCOTT"
Ask The Expert 
What Spring maintenance should I do to my water and radon systems?

Spring is a great time to give all of your home systems a once-over for any problems that might have cropped up over winter. Here are some suggested things to check:

Well pump - Do a quick and easy inspection of the exposed well casing and the area around it:

  • Is the exposed well steel casing in good shape? Look for cracks, holes or signs of corrosion.
  • Is the well cap watertight? Check bolts, rubber gasket, seals.
  • If there is an electrical conduit at the well cap, the wires should not be visible.
  • Is the top of your well casing at least six inches above the ground?

Water treatment system - When was the last time you added salt to your softener? It's pretty easy to forget about it! If you can see water above the level of the salt then it's time to add more salt. As a general rule of thumb, for a family of 4, add 1- 40 pound bag of salt every month. Ran out? No harm done. You just won't have soft water until the system cycles.

Radon system - Check the system monitor and make it a habit to check it regularly. The majority of radon mitigation systems have what is called a manometer. Some systems have a indicator light or audible alarm. Whichever device you have, it should have instructions to help you understand how to interpret whether or not the system is on and running. If you don't have a radon system monitor, you should have one installed so you can have a way to systematically check that the radon fan is running. It's recommended to re-test the radon levels every 5 years or if you've changed the use of your home, e.g. refinished the basement or did other construction.

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